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Sam Howell Presser: “I’m excited. I love playing on the road.”

Sam Howell speaks to the media before practice

Sam Howell had his first start of the season last Sunday, and also his first start after being named the starting QB for the Washington Commanders. The Cardinals game was a mixed bag with a lot of great plays from Howell, but some missed opportunities to his playmakers, and also too many turnovers an sacks. How has reviewed the tape with his teammates an coaches, and is moving onto this week’s matchup against the Denver Broncos. Howell loves playing on the road, and is looking forward to his first away game as the starter.

Reviewing the film from the Cardinals game:

Too many turnovers:

Honestly, not really. Obviously, we kind of went into the game expecting a lot of things just because we knew the history of the DC and we knew all the things that he’s done in his past. We didn’t know exactly how they were gonna play us. But no, I mean, they didn’t really show us anything that was different than what we saw. It was just a matter of we turned the ball over too many times and didn’t execute at a level that we would like to.

On to Denver:

Trusting his feet:


Yeah, I mean I’m always gonna air on it was my fault just because I think I could’ve done a better job. I mean, there were some of ‘em where I just ran out of bounds at like a yard or two behind the line of scrimmage which is just dumb. You know, just throw the ball away. And you know, obviously the strip sack for the touchdown, that was on me. I was just trying to do too much, especially down there backed up. Don’t try to reverse out and spin out of it. Just be smart. But for the most part, I think there was places to go with the ball. I just gotta do a better job getting the ball outta my hands. And the O-line did a good job throughout most of the game. Obviously, the stats don’t show it but I gotta do a better job helping those guys out.

Not taking big shots downfield in his two NFL starts:

Yeah, I mean it’s a combination of a lot of things. There were some chances in the game that I think, plays I’d like to have back where I could have had an opportunity to get the ball down the field. But you know, it’s just a matter of those situations will come up and when they come up I just gotta do my best to see the look that we’re looking for and take advantage of it but hopefully there’ll be some more of those looks coming up.

Running body:

Honestly, I ran the ball in college so much that it wasn’t really anything crazy. Obviously, it was a physical game and it being the first game of the year, you know, the first time that not only me but all the guys played a whole game this year was a big factor in that as well. It was a physical game but I feel alright. I think I did a good job in recovering the past two days and getting two good workouts in so my body feels back to normal.

Jacoby Brissett:

He’s been awesome to have here. Such a great guy, great teammate, but now obviously he’s been around a lot of football and he’s seen a lot of football and he has been in this league for a long time and he knows what to expect. He’s done a really good job just throughout the week in helping me and telling me little things that he sees on film that would help him if he was playing. Then on game day, he’s just always very supportive, very positive and just always kind of gives me confidence before I go back out there on the field. So, it’s been awesome to have a guy like that here.

Coordinating with Brissett on the offseason workouts in Florida:

Yeah, definitely a little bit of both. He’s from down there in Florida, so he kind of knows the area a little bit. So he had some contacts down there as far as getting us on certain fields to work out in, but it was definitely a combination of all the quarterbacks coordinating that.

Playing in Denver/on the road:

Yeah, I’m excited. I love playing on the road. It’s a lot of fun to go play at another team’s home and try to give it your best shot. We feel like we can go in there and we have a good opportunity to go play against a really good football team in a really cool stadium, really cool environment. It’s just a great opportunity for us as an offense. We got to have a really good week of practice and a really good week of preparation to go in there and give ourselves a chance.

QBs he modeled his game after:

l wouldn’t say I’m trying to measure my game. I’m just trying to do the best I can each and every week and try to give my team an opportunity to win football games. I’m going to try to be myself. I’m going to try to be the best player I can be each and every week for my teammates. Then to your question about who I watched a lot of Drew Brees. Drew Brees was my favorite growing up. Big fan of his and just the way he played the game and obviously we’re playing Russell Wilson this week. I’ve watched Russell Wilson a lot as well. I think we kind of have a similar game style. He was one of the guys I watched growing up that I liked the way he played the game. It’ll be fun to go against him on Sunday.