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Ron Rivera Presser: Quan Martin is in the concussion protocol

Ron Rivera talks to the media

Ron Rivera answered questions from the media on Victory Monday. He watched the tape from the Washington Commanders 20-16 win over the Arizona Cardinals and he said there’s a lot of good and bad, and the team knows where they need to improve. Sam Howell was sacked 6 times, and Rivera said that was a combination of Howell holding the ball too long and the offensive line allowing pressure.

Jartavius “Quan” Martin was evaluated for a concussion during the game, and is now in the NFL’s concussion protocol. Martin was a second round pick this year, but he has not stood out since being drafted. Quan was being trained in multiple positions, but looks like he’ll need to some time before he’s NFL ready.

Quan Martin concussion:

Reviewing the tape:

6 sacks:

Sam Howell:

Defensive line:

James Smith-Williams: