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Contest Winner for late round draft pick & UDFA prediction contest

We have a tie (sort of)

Cincinnati Bengals v Washington Commanders Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

On August 25th, Hogs Haven announced a contest that involved predicting the roster fates of 11 Commanders players — all late round draft picks or undrafted college free agents. I was impressed by the response — we had over 190 members participate.

With the scoring rules and the actual results for the 11 players, the maximum number of points that could be scored is 53.

We, in fact, had 3 entrants who correctly predicted the fate of all 11 players, earning the maximum possible 53 points.

We do have a tie-breaking process, but we had a little hiccup. Two of the three players who tied for top position don’t show up in our membership list under the name provided.

If you are one of the three people who score 53 points (see the list below), then please send me an email with your contact details. Once I have those in hand, I’ll apply the tie-breaking procedure, declare the winner, and award the prizes from HOMAGE. The deadline to claim your prize will be Saturday, September 16th, 2023 at 11:59 pm EST.

My email address:

Here’s the list of the top scorers:

Washington Commanders Collection | HOMAGE