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Pictures, videos, news, and notes from Washington Commanders Training Camp Day 13

It’s Kids Day at training camp

Commanders trainging camp day 9 Photo by John McDonnell/The Washington Post via Getty Images

The Washington Commanders had fans back at training camp for Kids Day. It was also politicians day, with Maryland Governor Wes Moore and Virginia Delegate Suhas Subramanyam in attendance. Moore told reporters that Maryland is working to keep the Commanders in their state, and he has had extensive talks with new owner Josh Harris about a new stadium. He also met with minority owner Mitchell Rales and team President Jason Wright this morning.

Kid’s Day:

Maryland Governor Wes Moore:

B. Mitch and Mitch R.:

First player on the field:

Sam Howell —> Jahan Dotson:

Mitch Tinsley jet sweep(s):

Marcus Kemp sighting:

Jake Fromm —-> Zion Bowens:

Sam Howell —-> Dyami Brown:

Sam Howell —-> Terry McLaurin:

Dyami Brown saves the play:

Players sign autographs for the kids after practice: