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Ron Rivera Presser: “I put my foot in my mouth. what I said wasn’t as clear as it needed to be.”

Ron Rivera speaks to the media before practice

Ron Rivera spoke to the media again before training camp practice. Yesterday’s pre-practice presser was pretty standard until the end when he was asked about Eric Bieniemy, and he told the media that several players had approached him about the new OC’s coaching style. Rivera also made comparisons to former HC, now Washington Commanders DC Jack Del Rio. He read from a prepared statement, and then tried to clarify what he meant in the follow up questions. Rivera created an unnecessary distraction, for a team that is trying to move on from the non-stop distractions that came from former owner Dan Snyder. Rivera said he spoke to Bieniemy, but didn’t address the issue with the team yesterday.

Player reactions to Eric Bieniemy's coaching style:

Different coaching styles:

Meeting with Bieniemy:

Sam Howell: