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Eric Bieniemy Presser: “I expect us to be the team we’re supposed to be. It’s not going to be easy, and everybody ain’t going to like the process”

Eric Bieniemy speaks to the media after practice

Eric Bieniemy was scheduled to speak to the media today after practice, but he had to answer a few questions about his coaching style after a reporter asked Ron Rivera about how players are responding to his “intense” coaching. Rivera basically said Bieniemy was old school and won’t be changing his style because he believes in it, but that players and coached both have to work as a team to learn and teach the new offense.

Bieniemy has always been straightforward about his approach with players, and while he will be their harshest critics, he will also praise them when they do well. He is not worried a some players talking to Rivera about it, and he’s also not worried about doing his job. He knows that everyone is constantly being evaluated.

Bieniemy said the offensive staff and players are doing a helluva job. The sky’s the limit for Sam Howell, and he has stopped overthinking plays as he gets more comfortable in the offense. The offensive line is coming together, and Bieniemy likes the way they are working together.


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