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Ron Rivera Presser: Jacoby Brissett gets first-team reps for the first time today

Ron Rivera speaks to the media after today’s practice

Ron Rivera talked to reporters after a quick and easy practice. The Washington Commanders 11th day of training camp was basically a walkthrough, which allowed some players nursing soft tissue injuries[Emmanuel Forbes(groin), Curtis Samuel(leg)] to participate in team drills. Tress Way is also dealing with some tightness in his lower back, which led the team to try out two punters, one left-footed like Way and a righty. They also tried out a long snapper, and a few more DBs. Rivera expects Way to be able to punt for Friday’s preseason opener against the Cleveland Browns.

Jacoby Brissett has been the #2 behind 2nd-year QB Sam Howell since he signed as a free agent in March. Today he got his first opportunity of training camp to work with the starters and take some reps with the first team. Rivera said Brissett is a vet, and it doesn’t take him as long to adjust as it does some younger players. He spoke with Eric Bieniemy and QB coach Tavita Pritchard about getting Brissett some time with the starters, and they decided today was that day.

Tress Way:

Jacoby Brissett 1st-team reps:

At some point he’s going to have to work with them, just so he gets to know them and they get to know him. We started talking about that the last couple days, trying to figure out when would be a good opportunity to do it. One of the things that Eric and Tavita thought this would be a good one with the 10, 10, 10 practice today and so we went ahead and gave ‘em the last couple in each period.

It is a little bit different. It is. You know, Jacoby is a veteran guy and him getting acclimated happens a lot quicker than younger guys, obviously. And that’s one of the things that I think bodes well for a guy like Jacoby being part of your quarterback room. He doesn’t need the total number that we’ve been trying to get Sam at.

Washington alumni being around more since the sale of the team:

I think that’s important. I really do. You know, when I was in Carolina, that was something that one of the major concerns that Mr. Richardson wanted to always have and I know Mr. Tepper picked that up as soon as he got there as well. So, having these guys realize and recognize that we appreciate the legacy that they’ve sent and the more opportunities for our guys to interact with those guys, I think that that’s a lot better just because they understand what it means. I think also with the fan base reacting the way they have the last couple of weeks, I think having those guys tell a man when we were doing our things, when we were rolling, boy, they were here behind us and we hope you guys do that too, so that I think is pretty cool. I also think it’s something our guys need to hear because I think that helps them.

Wide receiver competition:

Well, basically out of the guys that’ll fill the back end of that room, you’re looking at guys that have first of all position flex that can play just more than whether it’s the Z, the X or the zebra. They’ve gotta be able to play all three of those spots or two of those three spots. Then secondly, you are looking for specific skill sets depending on which we feel is gonna be the one that we’ll probably need a little bit more help at. Is it a guy that can go vertical or is it a guy that’s very quick and shifty underneath? Or is it a guy that’s physical can come down and block? I mean, those are the three attributes that I know we’ll be talking about, we’ll be looking at when it comes down to who those guys are gonna be for us.

Dyami Brown:

Logan Thomas:

You know, he’s a guy that we wanted to be careful with first and foremost. So the thing that we’ve gotta be aware of is just he is an older guy. He is coming off an injury. Yes, it was two seasons ago, but you can’t be too careful, especially in this situation and in this offense knowing just how vital the tight end is to this offense. You know, we’ve gotta be very smart about that.

Benjamin St-Juste:

Oh, wow. A lot of confidence. He’s now into the system three seasons and you see him play with confidence. You see how sure he is of his technique. How much stronger he is. He’s a good physical corner for us with good length and so that’s, that’s kind of cool. I think it’ll be very helpful.

Does the confidence they are seeing in St-Juste make them more comfortable to move him back to the slot?:

I think it does. It does. You know, you sometimes guys going into the slot, they’re not as willing. They play a little more tight, a little more hesitant, a little more safe. And with Benjamin, man, you see the confidence in which he plays. And it’s not where he is just taking a shot or anything, it’s just that he’s really in line, in tune with the techniques and the guys that he’s working with around him.

Difference in confidence in St-Juste:

I think experience, age, health. Last year, he was struggling obviously. I think this year he cam in and worked with our strength and conditioning staff. Has worked with our training staff. He’s been working on formulating plans in terms of workout plans, warmup plans, recovery plans, just to keep himself in the best position health wise to stay on the field and that’s important. Again, I think it’s also part of, it’s just becoming a veteran and understanding that the guys that play a long time in this league have those kinds of plans. You know, they come out seven, eight minutes earlier before everybody else. They stay a little later. They do the little lecture things. Spend a little bit more time in the training room. Get here earlier in the morning. They leave a little bit late doing those things to help extend their careers and I think that’s where he is.

Khaleke Hudson:

Oh, I thought Khaleke has done some really good things. He’s flying around. Very positive attitude. Very good approach to everything and he’s learning more than just the one position now. You know, and in light of some of the things he did last year, especially in the last game of the season. We’ve noticed. We’ve noticed an improvement and we’ve noticed a guy also just playing with confidence as well.

Saahdiq Charles:

Rule change of keeping a third quarterback on the roster for gamedays:

Well, we’ve kept a third guy in the past, so that’s always a possibility for us very much so and I do think it is a good rule. It’s a positive rule, and I get it. I mean, nobody wants to see what happened last year in the playoffs. That was very unfortunate because I would’ve loved to have seen a really, really close game. I really would’ve. It was an outstanding playoff season last year and it was, to me, the two best teams last year played in the Super Bowl and that’s what you really wanna see. But I would’ve much rather seen a closer NFC championship game.