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Film Session: Sam Howell’s growth continues in Bieniemy’s offense

A film session breaking down Eric Bieniemy’s pass play designs and Sam Howell’s performance from Washington’s Monday night matchup against the Baltimore Ravens.

Baltimore Ravens v Washington Commanders Photo by Michael Owens/Getty Images

Weeks into Sam Howell’s second NFL training camp, his first in offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy’s system, he has shown a stable, constant level of growth in the offense. While Howell and the starting offense’s three series against the Cleveland Browns were up-and-down due to self-imposed mistakes, they bounced back significantly against the Baltimore Ravens. From an execution standpoint, finding any true negatives from the starting offensive unit was hard. Regarding Howell, Bieniemy has been pleased with how Howell has come along to this point, stating on Wednesday afternoon that his progress has been “right where you would like it to be.” Additionally, Bieniemy has noted Howell’s ability to “auto-correct” as something he loves from him.

It is encouraging to hear Bieniemy speak on Howell in this manner, mainly because they will need each other this season to help propel their respective careers to the next level. While Howell is looking to establish himself as a viable starting NFL quarterback, Bieniemy is trying to establish himself as head coach material through his ability to coach and lead an offense without the perception of being in Andy Reid’s shadow.

In my film session below, I broke down Howell’s Monday night performance against the Baltimore Ravens, detailing his understanding of pass concepts, necessary aggression, and pinpoint accuracy in critical situations. With the offense as a whole, I looked at the starting offensive line unit’s performance, specifically how they successfully handled the Ravens’ pressure packages and blitzes to buy Howell time. Lastly, I also looked at how his receivers and tight ends won with timing, understanding of coverages, and, at times, their physicality and competitiveness during their routes.

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