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Film notes: Commanders’ offensive standouts vs. Ravens

Offensive standouts from the Commanders week two preseason matchup against the Baltimore Ravens

NFL: Preseason-Baltimore Ravens at Washington Commanders Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

The Washington Commanders offensive units collectively totaled 426 yards against the Baltimore Ravens. From its first-team offense to its third-team, a lot of good came from the game Monday night. Here are some notable reps from the Commanders offensive side of the football.

Ricky Stromberg is proving more valuable than expected with his versatility.

To summarize Stromberg’s reps shown above, his ability to execute at both right guard and center highlights his growth and development as an interior offensive lineman, creating more lineup options for coaches to consider from a depth standpoint. Stromberg showed very good angle and jump pass sets on Baltimore’s 3-tech defenders. His hand usage through his strike timing and placement was very good, just as much as his processing ability when identifying stunts, pressures, and overload blitzes. From a power-run game standpoint, he was very good on kick-out blocks and also showed excellent post-snap processing (play 55) to eliminate the late run blitzer from the second level.

Brycen Tremayne and Kazmeir Allen come up clutch on the final drive.

Tremayne has been an under-the-radar name as a potential practice squad candidate. He has performed well in training camp and has now been able to take advantage of in-game opportunities provided to him. His first target, he draws a defensive pass interference in a critical fourth-down situation, using his quickness and head movement to bait the cornerback into biting on the first move. Using his quickness again, Tremayne, from a tight split, created instant separation on a dig route for a big completion over the middle. Lastly, showing an ability to create separation on quick hitches is a positive sign from an NFL receiver that they can win on the next level. On third and short, Tremayne did an excellent job pressing upfield to sell a vertical release toward the sideline before breaking for his hitch.

Dyami Brown’s confidence is growing.

Dyami Brown’s confidence is growing in this offense, and I can’t help but think Howell would be the primary contributing factor to his growth this year. On his first rep, you see his ability to defeat press with his foot quickness and use of hands, but also win at the top of his route with play strength and creating opportunity near the sideline for what could have been a touchdown. Unfortunately, Howell was off-target but gave Brown another chance the next play. Even though Brown was bracketed in the endzone, Howell gave Brown a catchable pass, leaving it up to Brown to attack the ball in the air. Brown showed good grip strength in traffic and competitive toughness in tight man coverage to haul in the touchdown. Lastly, Brown makes a play after the first-level catch, showing off his elusiveness and vision to maximize the yards after the catch.

Jake Fromm accurate in crunch time

On the final drive for the Washington Commanders, the Baltimore Ravens ran a Cover 1 and Cover 0 pressures on 11 of Washington’s 15 plays. In these instances, Fromm must get the ball out quickly and deliver accurate passes under pressure, which he did several times on the last drive. On the two passes to Mitchell Tinsley, Fromm delivered two accurate passes where only Tinsley could get it for what would have been huge plays that’d help set Washington up for an easy game-winning field goal.

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