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Ron Rivera, Sam Howell, and other Washington players talk about the win over the Ravens

Rivera and players talk about the win

Baltimore Ravens v Washington Commanders Photo by Scott Taetsch/Getty Images

The Washington Commanders defeated the Baltimore Ravens 29-28 and ended their 24-win preseason win streak. Head Coach Ron Rivera spoke to the media after the game, and talked about the game Sam Howell played. His new starting QB did what they expected him to do and he took control of the offense. Howell had a good night, throwing 2 TDs and no INTs. Howell took the blame for getting sacked twice by the Ravens, and said he has to make quicker decisions and get rid of the ball quicker. He said he’s grown a lot during the preseason, and he’s comfortable in Eric Bieniemy’s offense.

Terry McLaurin:

Sam Howell:

Quan Martin:

Offensive line:

Receivers on the last drive:

Sam Howell


Ravens game:

Takes blame for getting sacked twice:

I just needed to relax, I was kind of just trying to make a play, trying to do too much. But, especially in that position, early in the game, just be smart, get the ball out of my hands and don’t take a big loss like that.

Two-minute drills:

Comfortable with the offense:

Jahan Dotson

Sam Howell:

I’ve been saying it since we drafted him, since last year when people started asking me questions about him. He has all the talent in the world.

Ending the Ravens preseason win streak:

Nobody likes to lose:

Antonio Gibson

Sam Howell:

Quan Martin

Liking his hater’s tweets on twitter:

Joey Slye

Nick Gates’ helmetless headbutt: