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Washington Commanders vs Baltimore Ravens 2nd Half Recap

What happened in the 2nd half

Baltimore Ravens v Washington Commanders Photo by Scott Taetsch/Getty Images

The Washington Commanders defeated the Baltimore Ravens 29-28 on Monday Night Football. Washington sat the starting defensive line, but their offense played during the first half. The second-team offense led by QB Jacoby Brissett hit the field for the second half. It was 3rd-string QB Jake Fromm that led the Washington Commanders down the field for Joey Slye’s game-winning 49-yard FG. FedEx Field went crazy for the greatest preseason game in history, and new owner Josh Harris got his 2nd game ball and is now 2-0 with Washington.

2nd Half highlights

Michael Palardy:

Easy Ravens TD drive:

Jacoby Brissett mobility:

Dyami Brown making plays:

Joey Slye FG:

Camaron Cheeseman’s “new technique”:

Jonathan Williams:

Sam Howell owning his sacks:

Dyami Brown injury?:

Chris Rodriguez fumble:

Ricky Stromberg:

4th Quarter

Andre Jones hype!:

Ravens TD:

Chris Rodriguez:

Jacoby Brissett INT:

Kaz Allen punt return:

Jake Fromm:

Jarret Patterson TD!:

Alex Armah failed 2-point conversion:

3rd down stop:

Josh Harris on the sidelines:

The Legend of Jake Fromm:

Curtis Hodges drop:

Kaz Allen catch:

Young WRs show up:

Preseason history:

Timeout before the FG?:

Joey Slye game-winning FG!:

Nick Gates helmetless headbutt!:

The streak is over:

Josh Harris 2-0: