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2023 Mason/Brennan Preseason Hype! Awards: Who has the most hype headed into the second preseason game?

Who’s got the hype?

Washington Commanders v Cleveland Browns Photo by Nick Cammett/Getty Images

Former Washington Redskins 6th round draft pick Colt Brennan passed away at the way-too-young age of 37 two years ago. Brennan was a star in college at the University of Hawaii and brought that hype with him to Washington in 2008. Brennan was a cult sensation during his brief time here, and was the inspiration for the annual Mason/Brennan Preseason Hype! Awards here at Hogs Haven.

This was started as a tongue-in-cheek tribute to players that fans push to the moon before they play a snap, or after one great performance in the preseason. But it also puts the focus on some of the unheralded players who fans hype up and have a fighter’s chance at making Washington’s roster. Colt Brennan was a great college player that lit up the preseason, but injuries and other issues saw him flame out in the NFL early. RIP Colt and thanks for the inspiration.

(*Editor’s note: The text from the below description is word-for-word from the original fanpost that started this award in 2013)

Every season, a new class of draft picks and undrafted free agents are signed during the preseason. The majority of these players will never be on the roster for a regular season game, but the few diamond in the rough late round/UDFA players who do bring hope to players and fans. That racetrack betting slip that you find on the floor that someone didn’t scout properly.

Redskins fans are very familiar with the hype that comes with the offseason, especially over the last two decades of dreary seasons. Between the overpriced free agent signings, and the overhyped preseason performances by rookies, we were the perennial offseason champions. Names like Marko Mitchell, Marcus Mason, Brandon Banks, and everyone’s favorite Colt Brennan became legendary in training camp and preseason, only to be relegated to the practice squad or the bowels of the depth chart, never to be heard from again. Last year’s preseason hero was Alfred Morris who rose up due to injury and necessity after being deemed a practice squad candidate by many, and we all know how that turned out.

Hype is a very real, and very exciting part of football in the preseason. We all read the daily training camp reports and get excited at the prospect of a late round pass rusher getting sack after sack on 3rd string offensive lineman, or a wide receiver catching everything thrown his way, or a running back who’s not injured.

The Mason/Brennan award has been given out unofficially by the fans for years to each preseason’s most hyped players, but now we’re going to make it official, and bring it to a vote. This week’s vote will cover the draft and training camp. Place your vote for who you feel has been the most hyped player up to this point, whether the hype is deserved or not. After each preseason game a new vote will be taken to see how the hype changes.

The Rules:

1. Player must have been drafted late or signed by the Redskins as an undrafted free agent. Players that have only been on other teams practice squads that are signed by the team are also eligible.

2. A player that has been on the team for several years is still eligible if most of that time has been spent on the practice squad, inactive, or with very limited productivity/time

The Keenan “the Barbarian” Robinson Amendment: only 6th round draft picks or later for their first two years in the league.

The Nominees:

Mason Brooks, OG - UDFA (2023) - Brooks was a priority UDFA signing after this year’s draft. His hype blew up in training camp three weeks ago, and has continued throughout camp as he battles veterans and make Juan Castillo jump for joy. Brooks didn’t jump out during the Browns game, but his mullet did during training camp.

Mitch Tinsley, WR - UDFA (2023) - Another priority UDFA signing on offense, Mitch Tinsley has been making some highlight reel plays in camp, and made more plays vs the Browns. Expect him to shine again vs the Ravens and Bengals as he fights for one of the last spots on the team.

Kazmeir Allen, WR - UDFA(2023) - Allen’s hype has been building back up from when he was initially signed as the Dax Milne replacement. A few training camp TDs and some preseason returns have relit his hype fire.

Chris Rodriguez, RB -6th round(2023) - Chris Rodriguez is considered a lock to make the team, but his hype has catapulted him to taking Brian Robinson’s starting job!

So, my “take” here is not that Rodriguez is simply going to make the roster, but that by the end of the pre-season he should supplant Brian Robinson as the team’s work horse back. This is less a negative commentary on Robinson - whose recovery from his injuries last season was nothing short of miraculous - than it is an assessment that Rodriguez is simply too talented to languish on the bench as RB3.

Alex Armah, FB/TE - FA signing (2021) - Armah has been with the team for a few years, but hasn’t had a lot of playing time. Is fullback making a comeback in Washington?

Tariq Castro-Fields, CB - Waivers (2022) - Castro-Fields was picked up on waivers before the start of last season, but he went on IR in October. He’s continued to make plays in camp, and will be in a dog fight for a roster spot.

Christian Holmes, CB - 7th Round (2022) - Holmes played just over 100 snaps on defense last season, but was seen by many as a long-shot to make the team this season. He was showing up in camp, and almost made the cut for last week’s list. Holmes turned some heads vs the Browns with some big hits, and is looking to make the team with some more highlight plays vs the Ravens

Andre Jones, DE - 7th Round (2023) - Andre Jones is getting the hype that 5th round pick KJ Henry was traded up for to get. When he was drafted, you needed to deep dive on his college career and highlights, but now he’s getting reps with the 1s and looking like another late round find ala Kam Curl. Hype!


Who wins the Week 1 Mason/Brennan Preseason Hype! Award?

This poll is closed

  • 8%
    OG Mason Brooks
    (41 votes)
  • 15%
    WR Mitch Tinsley
    (74 votes)
  • 10%
    WR Kazmeir Allen
    (48 votes)
  • 18%
    RB Chris Rodriguez
    (85 votes)
  • 0%
    FB/TE Alex Armah
    (2 votes)
  • 0%
    CB Tariq Castro-Fields
    (1 vote)
  • 5%
    CB Christian Holmes
    (24 votes)
  • 41%
    DE Andre Jones
    (195 votes)
470 votes total Vote Now