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Pictures, videos, news, and notes from Washington Commanders Training Camp Day 7

The zebras have invaded Ashburn

Washington Commanders Training Camp Photo by Scott Taetsch/Getty Images

The Washington Commanders are back on the field for the 7th day of training camp, and the referees were on the practice field to go over the rules with the team. They were a little too enthusiastic with their “teaching moment”, and new OC Eric Bieniemy had to let them know they were in the way of the next play. Mason Brooks continues to stand out, but the defensive line is still winning the battle between the lines.

Fans at training camp:

Josh Harris returns to training camp:

Zebras at camp:

Punt returners:

WR drills:

Sam Howell —-> Brian Robinson:

Alex Armah sighting:

Sam Howell ---> Jahan Dotson:

Emmanuel Forbes vs Sam Howell:

Camp fight!:

Sam Howell:

Antonio Gibson vs Jeremy Reaves:

Curtis Samuel vs Benjamin St-Juste:

Emmanuel Forbes vs Zion Bowens:

Christian Holmes picks off Sam Howell:

Busy day at camp:

Chris Paul:

Saahdiq Charles:

LB hype:

Eric Bieniemy:

Brian Robinson:

Chris Rodriguez:

Montez Sweat keeps the offense in line:

Sam Howell on the move:

Terry McLaurin jet sweep:

Daron Payne vs Sam Cosmi:

Derrick Gore:

Cody Barton:

Sam Howell —-> Brian Robinson:

More jet sweeps:

Mason Brooks vs Efe Obada:

Ricky Stromberg vs Daron Payne:

Jonathan Allen vs the backup's backup's backups:

Sam Howell —-> Curtis Hodges:

Keaton Sutherland vs John Ridgeway:

The fans love Josh Harris:

Sam Howell vs Montez Sweat:

All-Pro Reavo:

Ricky Stromberg:

Benning Potoa’e vs Aaron Monteiro:

Botched FG snap:

Eric Bieniemy vs the refs:

Andre Jones vs Cornelius Lucas:

Power meeting:

Kick returners:

Hand-eye coordination:

One-hand drills:

Players love the fans: