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A couple of UDFA’s made statements during Washington’s first day of padded practice

UDFAs Mason Brooks and Brycen Tremayne stand out during Washington’s first padded practice

NFL: Commanders hold their first Rookie Mini Camp Photo by John McDonnell/The Washington Post via Getty Images

The Commanders are now into the full pads phase of training camp practices, and their first day of practice brought out several noticeable performances. I was in attendance to observe practice, and some of the more notable players who had a solid day in multiple sessions (1-on-1, 7-on-7, and 11-on-11) included Cole Turner, Jonathan Allen, Danny Johnson, Benjamin St-Juste, Jahan Dotson, and Montez Sweat. But what stood out most today were two UDFAs, interior offensive lineman Mason Brooks and wide receiver Brycen Tremayne.

(You can watch a detailed video recap of the day’s practice session here)

Brooks’s performance against a former 2nd-round pick in Phidarian Mathis during 1v1s had his coaches and the rest of his unit amped. He finished his second consecutive rep against Mathis with a pancake and a flex as he dominated on back-to-back snaps. It was a sure confidence-boosting moment for a UDFA where it showed him that he could win on the pro level. Additionally, it was a moment that allowed his name to circulate throughout his coaching staff, meeting room, and now social media, where people could look for him in pre-season games.

Like Brooks, Tremayne had the same moment on the first day of padded practices. Tremayne had two excellent catches in traffic, showing good concentration and competitiveness when the ball was in the air. One of his moments came in 7-on-7, where his quarterback was in a scramble drill situation and threw a pass deep that led him into the endzone. Tremayne attacked the football in the air with a great adjustment behind him, securing the pass for what would have been a 50-yard touchdown.

It was a good day for these undrafted players for Washington. While it isn’t significant yet, Brooks and Tremayne putting their name on the radar this early will never be bad.

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