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Sam Howell has been named the starting QB for the Washington Commanders

Per ESPN's John Keim, the Commanders are expected to name Sam Howell the week one starter ahead of Friday’s practice.

Washington Commanders v Cleveland Browns Photo by Nick Cammett/Getty Images

Update: Sam Howell is the starter

According to ESPN’s John Keim, the Washington Commanders are expected to name Sam Howell the week one starting quarterback.

This comes two days after head coach Ron Rivera stated that he needed to sit down with offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy and quarterbacks coach Tavita Pritchard and evaluate Howell and Jacoby Brissett’s tape to make a decision.

Based on how Rivera and Bieniemy managed the quarterback position this summer, it appeared to mostly everyone that Sam Howell would maintain the starting job, so long as he didn’t squander his opportunity. To date, he has done a good job in the eyes of his coaches.

“Well, I think it’s continue what he’s shown. The command in the huddle. Get to the line of scrimmage, and handle those things that go on. Put us in the right protections, make the right signals and calls to the receivers, and then go out and execute, which we’ve seen. And he did it well in the first preseason game; he’s done it well throughout camp. Probably the biggest thing I’m really pleased about has been his decision-making, which has been a big plus. So we’ll get a chance to evaluate tomorrow after we get back and get a chance to settle back into Ashburn, and then we’ll go from there.” - Ron Rivera on what he needs to see from Howell to become the starting quarterback.

Howell’s daily on-field progression has culminated in this opportunity that Rivera and his staff have provided him. On the latest Trap or Dive Podcast, David Harrison, who covers the Washington Commanders for Sports Illustrated and hosts the Locked On Commanders Podcast, shared his observations on Howell over the summer. Harrison’s most significant takeaway from Howell as a starting quarterback has been the mental maturity he has shown since Rivera named him the starter. His composure and presence in front of the media have been impressive in that he has not changed who he is to what people might expect him to be. It is a foundational character trait, and while that alone won’t translate into winning on the field, immaturity can be a significant deterrent in his ability to lead an NFL team.

You can also catch the latest Trap or Dive Podcast, where Harrison shares his observations from the Commanders-Ravens joint practices, Howell, Chase Young, the offensive line, and more. We also preview the Monday night matchup between the Commanders and Ravens.

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