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Commanders fans expect 2023 free agent offensive linemen to have strong positive impact this season

Survey results!!

In this week’s Reacts survey, we asked which new Commander would have the biggest positive impact on the 2023 season. Unsurprisingly, the top 3 vote-getters are all projected starters, with two of them being signed to bolster Washington’s offensive line.

Andrew Wylie accounted for 38% of the votes. In reviewing the comments left in the survey article, some sensible reasons were offered for Wylie being the top choice. For one thing, there was a feeling that a player on the offensive side of the ball would likely have more impact than a player being added to the defense, given that the defense ranked in the top-5 in 2022, while the offense was mired near the bottom of most statistical standings.

One reason why Wylie, in particular, was the choice for some survey respondents was that, by taking over at right tackle and moving Sam Cosmi to RG, two offensive line positions were strengthened. Let’s hope that reasoning holds up when the players hit the field in the regular season.

The results also indicate what Hogs Haven readers don’t expect to happen. Jacoby Brissett is clearly not expected to beat out Sam Howell and carry the team to offensive success. Among those commenting in the survey article, at least one person said that he chose Brissett because of his value as a mentor to Sam Howell.

Despite the broad support for the signing of kicker Michael Badgley to compete with Joey Slye, no one seems to think that the competition will have a huge positive impact on the season. There doesn’t seem to be a clear favorite in the two-man competition. Joey has the stronger leg, but is head-scratchingly inconsistent on extra points and short field goals. Badgley, on the other hand, hit 100% of his PATs last season, but doesn’t have a powerful leg for long field goals or kickoffs, though this season’s rule change on kickoff touchbacks might mean that kickoff leg strength may not be as important as it has been in recent seasons.

Together, the team’s starting center, Nick Gates, and starting RG, Andrew Wylie, accounted for 59% of the vote, reflecting both concern over the offensive line that looked so poor in 2022, and optimism that the offseason’s two veteran OL acquisitions will make a positive difference in 2023.

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