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Pictures, videos, news, and notes from Washington Commanders Training Camp Day 2

The fans have arrived at training camp!

The Washington Commanders are back in Ashburn for the second day of training camp practices. New owners Josh Harris, Mitchell Rales, and Mark Ein were in attendance along with Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin. Fans were also here for the first time since Dan Snyder sold the team, and you can feel the excitement returning.

Training Camp with the fans:

First player on the field:

"No BS Ron, just football":

Howlin' for Howell:

Josh Harris:

Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin:

TE blocking drills:

Brian Robinson:

Jahan Dotson:

RPO drills:

Daron Payne:

Khaleke Hudson:

Sam Howell —-> Terry McLaurin:

Sam Howell —-> Brian Robinson:

Sam Howell —-> Dyami Brown:

Jacoby Brissett —-> Dyami Brown:

Jacoby Brissett —-> Jarrett Patterson:

All-Pro Reavo:

Jersey of the day:

Autographs after practice:

Camaron Cheeseman jersey:


Sleeping giant: