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Sam Howell, Antonio Gibson and other Washington Commanders players speak after the first day of training camp

The players step up to the mic

The Washington Commanders had their first day of training camp in Ashburn as they prepare for the 2023-24 season under new ownership from Josh Harris and his investment group. Today’s practice was roughly 90 minutes, but that time will increase starting tomorrow when fans will have their first opportunity to watch the team practice.

Sam Howell, Antonio Gibson, Jamin Davis, and Darrick Forrest spoke to the media after today’s practice. Howell talked about earning the QB1 spot, his improved footwork, Eric Bieniemy’s offense, and more. Gibson said he’s expecting to slide into the third-down back role that J.D. McKissic played here for several years. Jamin Davis is looking to put some respect on the Washington Commanders LB groups’ name this season. Darrick Forrest is excited about getting more playing time, and making some noise alongside Kamren Curl.

Sam Howell


Organizing workouts with teammates in Florida:

“It’s definitely something I wanted to do this offseason was try to get the guys together. So, the quarterbacks kind of planned it all together and we tried to get everybody down to Fort Lauderdale for a couple days and had some throwing sessions in the morning and went out to dinner and stuff at night. So, it was good just to see everybody. We did it like a week before, a week and a half before everyone had to come back. So just trying to get everybody thinking about ball and start talking and trying to get on the same page before we all come back here. So, I thought it was very beneficial for us. I was appreciative of the guys for coming out and spending their time on their summer break. And I think it showed out there today that there was definitely some strides made when we were in Florida.”

5th round pick:

New owner:


Eric Bieniemy’s offense:

Madden rating:

Netflix’s “Quarterback”:

Antonio Gibson

Third-down back:

Ownership change:

Sam Howell:

Team’s potential:

Jamin Davis

Excited to be back on the field after offseason knee procedure:

Washington’s LBs:

Darrick Forrest

Creating turnovers:

Kam Curl:

More playing time/higher expectation: