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Josh Harris Introductory Presser: The Washington Commanders new owner has arrived

Josh Harris speaks with the media at FedEx Field

NFL owners voted unanimously to approve the Josh Harris group's bid to purchase the Washington Commanders from Dan Snyder yesterday. The deal was finalized earlier today, and now Harris is at FedEx Field for a fan rally and introductory press conference. He made a big gesture to a beaten down fan base by calling into 106.7's Grant and Danny and offering to buy a beer for everyone at two different fan gatherings.

The Josh Harris group is here, and ready to get to work with a fanbase that deserves some wins. Magic Johnson, Mitchell Rales, and other minority owners are here to celebrate along with many former Washington players.

Introductory Presser

New Commanders:

Team President Jason Wright


Week 1 sellout?:

Head Coach Ron Rivera

Investment in winning:

Josh Harris


New era in Washington:

Shout out to his mom:

Growing up in the area rooting for the Redskins:

Responsibility to the city and fans:


Promise to fans:

Fan reaction to the sale:

To-do list:

Name change:

New stadium:

Lessons from owning other sports franchises:

Ron Rivera:

Investing his time into the team:

Mitchell Rales


Build this thing from the bottom up:

Football career:

Magic Johnson


Investing to win:

“I’m supposed to be here”:

Joe Gibbs

New ownership:

Greatest fanbase:

Jonathan Allen


Terry McLaurin

New day:

Weight has been lifted: