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Dan Snyder fined $60 million after Mary Jo White investigation findings released

Couch cushion money

NFL: Washington Redskins at Arizona Cardinals Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL has finally released the results of the Mary Jo White investigation into allegations of sexual harassment and financial improprieties by soon-to-be former Washington Commanders owner Dan Snyder. They waited until after NFL owners voted unanimously to approve the sale of the team to Josh Harris, effectively burying the news behind the biggest news story in recent franchise history.

Dan Snyder will be fined again, but the team isn’t facing any additional punishments like a loss of draft picks like some fans feared. Snyder is being fined $60 million after the investigation found that the accusations of sexual harassment and hiding revenues from other NFL owners were credible. Snyder will easily be able to absorb the fine after finalizing the deal to sell the team to Harris for $6.05 billion. Snyder was also fined $10 million after the NFL’s first investigation into the team and it’s toxic workplace.

Here is the conclusion of the findings that were released to the public, and you can read the full findings at the link below:

After extensive investigation, we have sustained both Tiffani Johnston’s allegation of sexual harassment by Mr. Snyder and Jason Friedman’s allegation of deliberate underreporting of NFL revenues by the Club to avoid its VTS sharing obligations. We found that the evidence was insufficient to demonstrate Mr. Snyder’s involvement in the calendar photo incident or in the security deposit issues, and was inconclusive as to his personal participation in the Club’s improper shielding of VTS revenues. In the course of the Investigation, we also identified a variety of transactions and accounting entries, left unexplained by the Club, which raised a number of issues as to whether a significant portion of the revenues recorded were NFL-related revenues improperly shielded from VTS sharing.