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NFL owners vote unanimously to approve the $6.05 billion sale of the Washington Commanders

It's over

NBA: Philadelphia 76ers-Barkley Statue Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL finance committee voted to approve the structure of the $6.05 billion purchase of the Washington Commanders, and now the full group of owners has voted unanimously to approve the deal. The investment group led by Josh Harris will likely finalize the deal tomorrow, ending Dan Snyder's 24-year reign of terror over the fan base.

Most fans thought this day would never come and that the Washington franchise would stay under the Snyder family's control for decades longer. The pressure has been mounting over the last few years as more former employees came forward about the team's toxic workplace, and accusations of sexual harassment against Snyder personally. There have been two NFL investigations, along with multiple investigations by Congress, and governments of multiple states. The NFL's second investigation, led by Mary Jo White, is finally concluding, and she was at the meetings today to talk to the NFL owners.