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Report: The New York Jets are bracing to be on Hard Knocks; Washington could be in-season option

Half Knocks?

NFL: Washington Commanders-Eric Bieniemy Introductory Press Conference Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

It’s almost the 4th of July weekend and the NFL still hasn’t announced which team will be on HBO’s Hard Knocks. The league has rules outlining which teams can be forced to do the reality show, and the Washington Commanders are on that list along with the New York Jets, New Orleans Saints, and Chicago Bears. None of the other 28 teams have volunteered, and the four teams not exempt haven’t either.

Mike Florio reported today that the Jets, and their new franchise QB Aaron Rodgers, are “bracing for an involuntary Hard Knocks assignment”. Head Coach Robert Saleh made it known a few weeks ago that he wasn’t interested in more cameras around his team:

“I know there are several teams that would love for ‘Hard Knocks’ to be in their building. We’re just not one of them,”

Aaron Rodgers in New York looks like a safe bet. but Florio added a few options for Washington to appear on the show. NFL owners will be meeting on July 20th to vote on the sale of the Washington Commanders. The transfer of power from Dan Snyder to Josh Harris will be starting when training camp opens the following week. Florio adds that the NFL would prefer to have Washington be the in-season option.

The Jets, Saints, and Bears have made it clear that they don’t want to do it this year. The Commanders, we’re told, would do it, if assigned . (We’re also told the league prefers to wait until after the sale of the team is finalized, and that the Commanders could be this year’s in-season option.)