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2023 Bold Draft Predictions Challenge Winners

Luxury prizes galore!

NFL: APR 28 2023 Draft Photo by Scott Winters/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Now that we’ve seen how I did, let’s see how the Hogs Haven readers did at predicting the NFL draft. At stake was a bevy of prizes. Did I say prizes? Yes, I did. There were several winners to this year’s Bold Draft Prediction Challenge, whose pseudonyms I will reveal in just a minute.

This years contest drew qualifying entries from 20 contestants and one ChatBot-enabled troll, covering topics ranging from the number of quarterbacks selected in the top 12 to Keion White’s draft day attire (Unfortunately no points were awarded for the latter, since the entrant incorrectly attributed White’s alma mater as UGA instead of Georgia Tech which – if he had got it right, would have resulted in the edge rusher arriving in a Green Hornet outfit, rather than a Christmas tree suit).

The winning entrants will be rewarded with a range of luxurious prizes. Before I announce who they are, I would like to recap the rules of the contest:

· Each entrant was entitled to make 12 bold predictions

· Eligible predictions had to be gradable when the draft was over

· Future predictions were not graded

· The contestant with the most correct bold predictions is the winner

· The judging panel has absolute discretion to disqualify predictions for being too easy

In the end, I relented on enforcing the last rule, because there were so few entries with any correct predictions that I found myself looking to award points wherever I could.

I can now reveal that there was not one, but four prizes on offer.

Dame Edna Everidge with a key to the city presented by Lord Mayor John So on 23r Photo by Fairfax Media via Getty Images/Fairfax Media via Getty Images via Getty Images

Dame Edna Everidge Comedy Gold Award

The Dame Edna Everidge Award honors the late great Australian comedian Barry Humphries, who sadly passed away while this year’s contest was playing out, and is awarded to the contestant who made me spit out a 12-year old Irish single malt whisky from laughing too hard while I was grading the entries.

The first annual Dame Edna Everidge award goes to Bill-in-Bangkok for the following submission, which I think might actually have contained up to two correct predictions (first and last), but they are pretty hard to confirm:

For his effort, Bill is entitled to a night of dining out and heavy drinking any time he chooses to drop by Brisbane. Actually, Bill knows that offer is good regardless of the contest, but won’t take me up on it because he thinks Brisbane’s a shithole, having lived here once shortly before the streets were all paved and toilets were moved inside the buildings. Brisbane has come a long way in a short time.

XXXX Gold Award - Second Runner Up

Two contestants were tied for third place with four correct predictions apiece. The winners and their more or less correct predictions were:


  • WFT think their O line is better than its fans, national media, local media, and opposing defenses do. They are wrong. I want them to draft 3, at least 1 in R1-3, but they will draft one on day 3. Interpretation: WAS draft an O lineman on Day 3 – if that is, in fact, what that all meant, it’s not the boldest of predicitions, but as I said, I was looking to award points CORRECT
  • The Eagles will trade for Henry or some other big name, cheap, because they know draft day is the best day to steal players ( see AJ Brown) as picks are at peak value. One thing about following an inept, infuriating team is you must have a hated rival who do everything you wish your team would do and are very successful as a result. Did you say Washington will trade for Henry? CORRECT
  • The Giants will get at least one defensive player the WFT fans wanted/needed. Plenty of love on Hogs Haven for CB Deonte Banks, myself included CORRECT
  • WFT will draft at least 2 team captains and/or military brats. Team captains: K.J. Henry, Chris Rodrigues, Quan Martin named team captain for the ReliaQuest Bowl CORRECT


  • Deonte Banks will be selected before Joey Porter Jr CORRECT
  • Skins will draft 2 OL CORRECT
  • Skins will draft a CB in Round 2 Quan Martin plays a hybrid slot corner/safety role CORRECT
  • Skins will not draft a TE Borderline bold prediction CORRECT

In addition to these correct predictions, the ghost of the live and well Jim Lachey also had a near miss with the following: Skins will draft a RB before round 6.

XXXX Gold Award Prize: the lucky winners are each entitled to a slab of XXXX Gold stubbies (a.k.a Milton Mangoes, the Beer Up Here), which are available for pick up any time.

Gold Coast Pro Challenger Series Photo by Matt Roberts/Getty Images

Silver Surfer Award – First Runner Up

In second place, with five correct predictions, was:


1 TE gets drafted in the 1st round. CORRECT

Darnell Wright will be drafted before Peter Skoronski CORRECT

The Commanders will draft a Buffalo nickel Tough call, but I expect Quan Martin to be in the rotation at buffalo nickel CORRECT

The Commanders will not draft a TE Borderline bold prediction CORRECT

Jalen Carter will drop out of the top 5 CORRECT

Silver Surfer Award Prize: The second-place winner is entitled to a day out on the beautiful Gold Coast, international surfing destination and home to the Boost Mobile Gold Coast Pro (formerly known as the Billabong Pro), just 45 minutes south of Brisbane when there’s no traffic – which happens at least twice a month at 2 am. Lunch and a pint at the Burleigh Heads brewery are included. Just turn up in Brisbane and I’ll drive.

OLY-2020-2021-TOKYO-2032-BRISBANE Photo by TORU HANAI/POOL/AFP via Getty Images

Bold Predictions Grand Prize Winner

Taking out first place, and earning bragging rights as a the Best and Fairest contestant in this year’s competition, with an amazing eight correct predictions was:


  • 4 OTs will go before pick 16 (Skoronski, Johnson, Wright, Jones) CORRECT
  • Porter will not be taken within the first 3 picks at corner CORRECT
  • Darnell Washington will not be taken within the first 3 picks at TE CORRECT
  • 2 RBs will be drafted in the first round (Robinson, Gibbs) CORRECT
  • Washington will draft an Edge CORRECT x 2
  • No Washington player will be traded or cut during the draft Borderline bold prediction, this seldom happens CORRECT
  • Senior draftees will be more than double juniors 5 seniors: 2 Juniors CORRECT
  • At least 3 team captains drafted KJ Henry, Chris Rodriguez, Quan Martin team captain for ReliaQuest Bowl – I’ll allow it CORRECT

Bold Predictions Grand Prize: For being the most clairvoyant of Hogs Haven commenters, the grand prize winner is entitled to a luxury entertainment and tourism package redeemable at the 2032 Brisbane Olympic Games, which will include:

  • A genuine Australian barbecue, including all the XXXX Bitter Ale you can drink, or real beer if you prefer
  • A round of drinks at the Brisbane pub of your choice
  • A wildlife safari at the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary, home to the elusive and fearsome cassowary
  • A batch of fresh out of the oven, home cooked ANZAC biscuits, Australia’s greatest contribution to world cuisine
  • A $20 Translink Go-card and directions to the Olympic venue of your choosing

Just let me know when your plane is arriving and I’ll even pick you up at the airport and drop you at your hotel.

Honourable Mentions

The following entrants got at least one prediction right:

  • SallasDucks – 3 correct
  • Micky_dubz – 3 correct
  • SkinsaneAsylum – 3 correct
  • KyleSmithforGM – 2 correct
  • SitDownStandUp – 2 correct
  • The Gump – 1 correct
  • WashNDUNC – 1 correct
  • Drabus – 1 correct
  • moFla – 1 correct

If you didn’t get any right, go bolder next year. Thanks for playing everyone.

NRL Rd 3 - Broncos v Eels Photo by Bradley Kanaris/Getty Images


Which will happen first?

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  • 4%
    Washington’s QB is the NFL season leader in passing yards
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  • 10%
    Washington wins another NFC Championship
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  • 22%
    The Dallas Cowboys fall outside the top 10 in the pre-season power rankings
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    The 2032 Olympic Games
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