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Ron Rivera Presser: Chase Young and Montez Sweat working out on their own; OTAs are voluntary

Ron Rivera speaks to the media before OTAs

The Washington Commanders are in Ashburn today for the second day of this round of OTAs and Head Coach Ron Rivera spoke to the media before today’s practice started. Washington practiced yesterday while most of the local media was focused on the NFL owners meetings in Minnesota. Rivera said that TE Armani Rogers suffered a non-contact Achillles injury while running, and it was reported today that he did tear it, and will require surgery that puts him out indefinitely. This injury leaves Washington with 4 TEs on the roster, and likely in the market before training camp in July.

Three players didn’t attend OTAs(Chase Young, Montez Sweat, Charles Leno, Jr.) and Rivera made sure to remind anyone that will listen that these are voluntary workouts. Rivera said that Young and Sweat are working out on their own, and Leno is a veteran. Young was criticized in the past for skipping OTAs due to commitments to endorsement and commercials. Washington declined his 5th-year option, and Rivera said he’s talked to him since, and Young gets it, and he’ll be ready to go when he rejoins the team.

Ron Rivera continues to praise new Assistant Head Coach/Offensive Coordinator, and the changes he’s already made to the team. He said the AHC title isn’t just an addon, Bieniemy is doing the work and taking on the responsibilities of the role. He has changed practice schedules and structures. Bieniemy is tasked with getting the offense out of its comfort zone, and he has been very direct with the players about what he expects from them.

Armani Rogers injury:

Other TEs on the roster:

Jamin Davis surgery:

Chase Young/Montez Sweat skipping OTAs:

Declining Young's 5th-year option:

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