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Thank God It’s Tuesday—Offseason On the Brink S4:E15

There is no downtime for Commanders fans...not when we have so much going on in one offseason. Join us each week on the official Commanders podcast of Hogs Haven.

NFL: Dallas Cowboys at Washington Commanders Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Tonight, on Offseason On the Brink, the official Commanders offseason show of Hogs Haven, we finish the trial run for our new podcast setup. Kind of like a voluntary workout...of sorts. Let’s see who reports, and who....ummmm...doesn’t.

We will be calling tonight’s Mary Jo White Fan Club meeting to order around 8:45 PM. The MJW Fan Club never dies...despite all of Dan Snyder’s attempts to do keep us down. After a great discussion of All-time Great TV Moms, we transition to the next obvious topic to make a draft out of: TV theme songs.

Thanks to folks like you, we have one of the best comment boards anywhere, so please join in the conversation, and help us separate what is real from what isn’t:

Hit the board on the show link and help us get this one done on tonight’s episode of Thank God It’s Tuesday.

We’re live (around 8:45 PM EST)...join us and SUBSCRIBE FOR FREE!