Part II: Giants loom large

In terms of improvement, the Giants lead the pack. Mr. Facts lives up to his name but with one post, crushing me with that one simple, the Eagles didn’t improve. He was right! The Giants did! Damn you NY!!!! But I also salute you, for this was my take on the Giants. I was biased because I still blame Mara for RG III !!! I hate him!!! Not as bad as Danny! I just hate how he slithers away before he’s crushed. Danny slithers away with six billion, or whatever is left, so he did a better slither.

I think Gettleman was my guy! Loved that guy. He was such a nice man eh? Schoen had his work cut out no? He did one hell of a job adding a lot of talent to a roster that needed an infusion after a surprising rise. Their HC seems to be a great fit, and this GM went to work. He added improvements across the board and don’t sleep on the NYGs this upcoming year. I think what Schoen rationalized was Danny was going to cost regardless and at least he had a year in and showed improvement. Danny can run and throw but can he improve? Schoen in hindsight had little choice as he inherited this, and Danny stepped up. The OL was the issue as both Cs were lost. They also lost a quiet leader in Love. Speaking of love, Barkley isn’t feeling it! Giants drafted a possible steal, but they likely want to keep Barkley and hammer out a deal. I understand both sides in this one. Barkley wants top money, Giants want a middle ground considering injuries. Overall, these aren’t huge splashes but a bunch of ripples. Ripples can make waves…I truly feel after reviewing both, the Eagles did a better job because of what they had to work with. It’s a lot easier to have the money, than have to find it and still do what they did. Additions and subtractions below:

That’s a lot of added bodies (and retained). This GM he knows what he is doing because he had a follow up with this, with an excellent draft. He came in and had to deal with the Barkley and Jones situation, while having to add a lot. I think he did one hell of a job. This is Mel Kipers breakdown (that I agree with because many have said similar things, Matt say Mel is the best! )

"I mentioned this Friday night, but the Giants landed three of my top 45 prospects in the first two days of the draft. That's impressive stuff from general manager Joe Schoen. Cornerback Deonte Banks (24) was consistently impressive when I watched his 2022 tape, and he stuck to receivers in man coverage. He is both experienced (he started eight games as a freshman) and toolsy (42-inch vertical leap at the combine). We can slot him in as a starter on the other side of Adoree' Jackson.

"John Michael Schmitz (57) is my top-ranked center, and he fills a huge hole. He's going to start as a rookie. Coach Brian Daboll helped make a trade up for wideout Jalin Hyatt (73), whom I had rated as the No. 44 player in this class. You might remember Hyatt from his five touchdown catches against Alabama, and he can fly out of the slot. I was surprised he was still available in Round 3. I like running back Eric Gray (172) as a potential steal on Day 3; he isn't a burner, but he can be a one-cut back behind Saquon Barkley. Safety Gervarrius Owens is an intriguing flier in Round 7. This class is lifted up by those first three picks, which all fit positions of need. Nice job by Schoen and Daboll."

It’s very terrifying tbh.

The list of drafted players for NYGs, a very talented and savvy valued bunch if you ask me.

R1 (24): CB Deonte Banks, Maryland
R2 (57): C John Michael Schmitz, Minnesota
R3 (73): WR Jalin Hyatt, Tennessee
R5 (172): RB Eric Gray, Oklahoma
R6 (209): CB Tre Hawkins III, Old Dominion
R7 (243): DT Jordan Riley, Oregon
R7 (254): S Gervarrius Owens, Houston—PFF draft list.

With my dumb eye looking at this I see two DBs. Banks. Then I see Schmitz. Those two should be day one starters. Hyatt, Mel likes him. What does PFF think:

"Hyatt won the Biletnikoff Award as the top wide receiver in college football, averaging 18.9 yards per reception and scoring 15 touchdowns. He is a burner on the outside that needs some refinement but has all the athletic ability necessary to excel at the next level. Hyatt’s 40-yard dash, vertical and broad jump were all above the 85th percentile. The Giants add a much-needed outside weapon for QB Daniel Jones."—

So there is some potential there because many other sites feel the same. The consensus picks highlighted by many other media outlets were Banks, Schmitz, Hyatt, Gray, and Owens.

The rest of PFFs take on those picks:

"The third-best cornerback on the PFF big board, Banks can fly and clocked a 4.35-second 40-yard dash at the scouting combine in Indianapolis. An elite athlete, he has proven that he can mirror wide receivers in college and has the size teams look for at the position. He produced a 72.0 PFF grade in his final season at Maryland, the best of his college career."

"If the Giants had made this pick in the first round, nobody would have really batted an eye. He led all centers with a 92.3 PFF grade in 2022 and had graded well both on zone and gap plays. He’s a big guy but can really move and was a four-year starter at Minnesota. Simply put, he is one of the best run blockers at the position to enter the draft in recent years."

"Gray was really impressive in his final season of college, producing an elite 90.6 PFF grade in 2022. He graded well on both zone and gap plays, and while he’s a little on the small size, he moves really well, posting a 96.2 elusive rating that was one of the best marks in this running back class."

"Owens produced an 87.6 PFF coverage grade in his most productive season this past year. He did, however, miss 17.8% of the tackles he attempted."—

So to be fair, PFF did not highly regard Owens as others noting his high tackle miss rate. That is not uncoachable tho.

PFF graded the Giants draft alone an A+! Now who cares right, but high marks across the board. Is PFF perfect, no! But even to me it just looks like a no brainer, I’m a happy fan draft.

Giants made a strong case to be the team to watch in this division. They have a strong defensive line to rival if not topple our reign there. They appear to have added across the board at key areas. For me, their off-season isn’t complete. Barkley? Can they work together, get a good deal for both sides? Also a lot hinges on Danny Dollars! Yeah, his Nick name is upgraded with his contract, from dimes to dollars.

Which team do you feel will win the battle next year? Do you feel a different team besides the Giants/Eagles had a better off-season with in our division? Comment below please thanks