Which NFC East teams improved the most on paper this off-season?

The draft is over! Regardless how you feel about our draft, how do we stack up against the rest of the league? Washington had a down offseason and this one in general, was because of our biggest move! Danny! Bye Danny! Now let’s not let the turd float any longer, FLUSH! That’s done! So, because of the usual (not unusual), we had many disruptions, let hope this is over! We added Wylie, Gates, Barton, and a DB that we felt so highly of we drafted DBs with our top two picks. So he doesn’t seem to be a lock. However, Gates is Chase was cut, Wylie is, we have no RT, Barton is, because he’s replacing Cole and some feel this is an upgrade! I am open to this and rather welcoming this to be true. If we have sealed up the Lb and secondary, this team is a nightmare! But we didn’t address everything, and yet, this may be our finished product with Danny, Josh, and the NFL showing how good they are at what they do. Josh has billionaire friends and I kind of like our group. It’s a lot of smart guys. Not one dumb guy. With the ownership dragging out, we may not be able to make any significant moves other than swapping out min salaries. Even when peoples money comes off, post June, the ghost injury before cut, etc, we may not have the access to be able to make any moves. Right now I want to focus on just the team who had the best off-season on paper (imo) within our own division. To me, that team is the Eagles.

NFC EAST (not quite the beast, but no longer the least)

Philly: the Eagles were already built. Many hoped that they’d lose a lot. Well, they did, but it would seem, they replaced their guys. Howell moon walks on the cap, he is a math magician. He appears to be letting his scouts call the shots with disasters like Reagor over Jefferson. Howies strong suit is wheeling and dealing, finding good quality guys, at a lower premium than normal. This skill alone gives the Eagles the edge currently. They don’t have PM, or Reid, but Howell found an off brand of Nick and Jalen. Credit where credit is due. I’m sick of seeing my Philly fan friends with their chest puffed out. But, it would appear, this don’t going away anytime soon. I want to remind people of the task at hand for Philly at end of an epic 38-35 SB loss.

"The league salary cap is expected to exceed $224 million in 2023, and Philadelphia is expected to have roughly $8 million in cap space. Jalen Hurts is expected to get a big raise this offseason after playing on a rookie contract for the last two seasons, so the Eagles Salary cap is sure to tighten up a bit. This will definitely create some brand-new challenges. But if his history indicates what’s to come, Howie Roseman is just the man for the job."—via

The moves that follows are always high reward low risk, and the necessary cap tweaks to follow. So Hurts deal was huge, but they didn’t kill themselves, nor did Hurts to his credit neither did Hurts. This was the rest of their initial moves:

  • 03/21Agreed to terms with safety Justin Evans on a one-year deal.
  • 03/20Agreed to terms with quarterback Marcus Mariota on a one-year deal.
  • 03/18Agreed to terms with cornerback Greedy Williams on a one-year deal.
  • 03/16Agreed to terms on a two-year contract extension with CB Darius Slay.
  • 03/16Signed DT Fletcher Cox to a one-year deal.
  • 03/15Agreed to terms with CB James Bradberry on a three-year contract.
  • 03/15Signed RB Boston Scott to a one-year contract.
  • 03/15Agreed to terms with RB Rashaad Penny on a one-year contract.
  • 03/13Agreed to terms with C Jason Kelce on a contract.
  • 03/10Agreed to terms with DE Brandon Graham on a one-year contract.—via
Now while not sure I think Howie killed two birds one stone. He kept his base intact while moving money to allow him to operate to fills holes. Initially it seems Slay was getting released but at the 12th hour they sealed it in. Bradbury is also there now. A guy we could’ve picked up. Smh. He has been solid since a writer here suggested we pick him up in his first offseason away from Carolina. Maybe Kyle? Or Bill? Not sure…I believe the fliers are sound, the back up option is a fit considering what they do here, and they kept key cogs on both lines likely on friendly deals. This in itself is a slam dunk!! It makes me jealous like seeing your ex looking all good on a male supermodels arm. Howie is killing it!!!! We need this!!!! Please Josh!!!!

"Another no-brainer for the Eagles to bring back, especially when Graham took a hometown discount to stay."

"Bradberry even took less money to stay in Philadelphia."

"Getting Cox for one year at $10 million is below his value (the New York Jets offered him more), so that's a win for the Eagles."—via Jeff Kerr, CBS.

Those are confirmed of guys who took less. That’s a big three to keep in place. Slay, he’s up there, but still a good DB he was able to couple with Bradberry for a few years. The RB position was a bit lackluster because Miles never seemed to "take command" of the job. So Howie did his savvy search and found a nice fit in Penny. He also brought back Scott. LB was where the Eagles took a hit. They lost both White and Edwards. They did draft Dean and picked up a solid coverage LB in Morrow. They also had issues at S because they added Evans to play safety. He will get his shot. So now the draft.

1st round, No. 9 overall – DT Jalen Carter (From Carolina Panthers through Chicago Bears)

1st round, No. 30 overall – LB Nolan Smith

2nd round, No. 65 overall – OL Tyler Steen(From Houston Texans)

3rd round, No. 66 overall – S Sydney Brown(From Arizona Cardinals)

4th round, No. 105 overall – CB Kelee Ringo(From Houston Texans)

6th round, No. 188 overall – QB Tanner McKee(From Houston Texans)

7th round, No. 249 overall – DT Moro Ojomo(From Detroit Lions)

I want to say that the Carter pick, I am not a fan of moving up. The Bears didn’t want him or they’d have not traded back. Carter is said to be a generational talent. Hopefully, he grows up.

The second first is a guy who many love his speed. He is listed at LB. Is he perhaps a redshirt, play sparingly, work him in type, Nolan is an ultimate boom or bust pick many passed on. Eagles took a flier in a great prospect late in the first. That is not a bad gamble, but two gambles in the first is Ron type of moves imo. Yes, they are all gambles, but even a dummy like me knows, hit your first rounders first, then have a successful draft. Imo, the only position you approach with aggression is QB in the first round, or it’s that last piece that’s all you need for three years scenario.

That being said, both picks have very high upside on an already loaded roster. I don’t have to spell that out.

Steen, Brown, and Ringo. Steen is an OL pick so that the current RG can slide over to C. Steen is an OL that will develop or not. Still he’s a solid prospect. Brown addresses S and STs. Ringo is a S or LB to me. He’s big, he hits, if they tweak him, he could be a steal. Tanner is your yearly flier guy, many just didn’t feel highly on the guy. I liked him. The DT is pretty good value on paper that late. BG and Cox are up there.

While they did address two needs on this draft, those picks on paper weren’t reaches. Whereas in comparison on our draft picks we reached on quite a few. Again, I only have public facts and not the insider tracks they have. Long story short if our FO gets out performed by every team in our division you could have Lombardi and still pick in the top 15 every year. Matt did a review on how Ron drafts with his puppets, I mean pundits. Many say I am being negative. This is subjective. I don’t mean to ruffle feathers. I’m just not sipping the OJ right now. In my review, we had the worst offseason in our division. Giants made a ton of improvements, but giving Danny 40 mil is an automatic F.

Ron has the power he wanted. He had a number two overall pick. He took a luxury pick with that selection. Mistake one! Ron has repeatedly ignored the OL among other areas. He has tried a magic pill than developing his QB…Ron is not the guy. He seems power drunk and very stubborn. This guy has not done a lot without Cam. Neither has Bill without Tom. Good thing we signed EB, we have new ownership because EB doesn’t have to bow to Ron. Stubborn can be good for resolve the the face of the storm of adversity. I know this! Ron Rivera is a solid man! He is or appears to be a man of integrity. Players have stopped getting arrested because n the off-season, the leaks aren’t as bad. The circus has started and the clowns are now back stage (except Wright, what a turd!). Ron has to open his dinosaur mind! He has faced and defended off bouts with scandal and even cancer! But he is not a good coach, nor a GM. Accept your role, that’s what you tell your players. Follow your own. Ron has ultimately gone against the grain with its my decision and mine alone mentality. How can change progress, if the guy calling the shots can’t change his mind. His patterns of handlings in the mediocre fashion has led to the rerun we’ve seen of mediocrity. Except the facts. Howie is showing us how it’s done almost every year. With each missed FA, draft pick, or guy that walks with little or no comp, it’s like a step back towards progress.

Who do you think had the best year in our division in terms of overall projected 53? Let me know and thanks for reading.