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Daily Slop: Washington Commanders Media Links Roundup

A daily collection of Commanders articles from around the web

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NFL: Commanders hold their first Rookie Mini Camp Photo by John McDonnell/The Washington Post via Getty Images
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With Commanders sale imminent, what are soon-to-be owner Josh Harris’ top priorities?

While the Commanders saw the third-highest gain in per-game home attendance from 2021 to 2022 — 10.15 percent — they ranked last in average attendance (58,106) and percentage of capacity filled (85.9). The other 31 teams all reached at least 92.7 percent of home capacity.

The obvious fix is to win more games. Easier said than done, of course. Some new owners feel compelled to announce their arrival with a bold move. In this case, options include a trade or another rebrand. Stadium talk will take time. Thanks to his arrival, Harris needs to recognize that a bump is coming.

Commanders sign XFL offensive tackle Jaryd Jones-Smith

Chris Rodriguez knows his mother would be proud of him starting his NFL journey

Joe Theismann on Commanders name: ‘We need to give it a chance, and if you win, it won’t matter’

“I think if you win and create stability, people will be okay with the name Commanders. Just to change again because of new ownership – how long before people get frustrated with that?” Theismann asked. “Now all of a sudden you’re changing for change sake. We need to give the Commanders a chance to perform and for people to get excited for them, and if you win, it won’t matter.”

Ron Rivera discusses restructured offensive staff with new OC Eric Bieniemy

Document: Josh Harris sees Commanders windfall without Dan Snyder

Last season, the Commanders made $173 million in local revenue — dollars generated from tickets, sponsorships, parking, and other team activities, according to the prospectus. In his base estimate, Harris projects that number will more than double to $380 million by the 2031-32 season — and could hit $466 million that year if the team builds a new stadium.

EA Sports letting FBS players opt into 2024 video game

The partnership will include the chance for all eligible FBS players to opt-in to have their likenesses in EA Sports College Football, the representative said. Those players will receive compensation for being placed in the game.

Benjamin St-Juste has All-Pro aspirations for 2023

There wasn’t even a hint of hesitation in Benjamin St-Juste’s voice when he was asked to describe his expectations for himself in 2023.

“All-Pro,” St-Juste told SVP of broadcasting Julie Donaldson. “Nothing less.”

Opinion | The Washington Commanders belong in D.C. - The Washington Post
A new stadium on the RFK grounds can be an anchor for incredible economic opportunities for our residents, workers and small businesses.

Josh Harris’s Commanders deal nears the finish line but isn’t there yet - The Washington Post
The $6.05 billion agreement to buy the team from Daniel Snyder still must be approved by the finance committee and NFL team owners, and the committee raised some issues in recent days.