Is Sammy the bull or the horn?

Coming into this year, rambling, rumbling, gambling, fumbling, tug boat, river boat, submarine? Ron….Good ole Captain Ron…..he’s up to his antics. Let’s start this guy. Now, Sam to me is a tough guy. He runs into contact from what I’ve seen using his stocky frame. I’ve read he’s smart, accurate, and is tough. He’s already played behind a bad OL without many play makers, and he established he could be a ground threat. This apparently crushed his stock in a very shaky QB class, which has me nervous. Did every GM get this one wrong? The Pats struck gold in round six, I’d take oil in round five please. So I looked into numerous scouting reports on this guy.

PFN selected pros of Howell:

"Howell’s physicality also manifests itself in the form of competitive toughness. The North Carolina quarterback is able to hang tough in the pocket, take a hit, and rebound. His stocky frame has earned him comparison to former Oklahoma quarterback Baker Mayfield from his high school recruitment process and through to his early NFL Draft comparisons" —PFN

"Although it’s been by necessity rather than design, Howell has developed as a threat in the ground game. Previously, he showcased enough athletic ability to evade pressure in the pocket and extend plays. This year, he’s developed vision as a runner and used his physicality to become a constant threat on the ground." —PFN

"Howell is an intelligent, accurate quarterback who possesses an excellent arm." —PFN

I at one time suggested we take Sam in round one. But that very Baker comparison turned me to Ridder. I still like Ridder. We will see eh?

PFN Cons:

"He often fails to read the entire field, locking onto one target and failing to progress beyond there. The result is forced throws to receivers that aren’t viable options" —PFN

"He needs to showcase greater awareness in the pocket. This comprises multiple elements, but mainly, his ability to avoid contact and willingness to step up and deliver from the pocket needs to be more consistent." —PFN

"Howell also needs to demonstrate consistency in relation to accuracy. There were too many examples in the games studied where he underthrew, overthrew, or was wide of his intended target." —PFN (Oliver Hodgkinson)

Draft network Pros:

"showcased tremendous field vision and contact balance as he consistently ripped off large chunks of yardage as a runner. Howell is a good thrower on the run and his ability to use his legs is a weapon." —Draft Network.

"able to maximize a dynamic supporting cast in 2020 and I am impressed with how he performed with an entirely new group of weapons in 2021. He’s a tough competitor and can set the tone for his team with a big-time throw or by weaponizing his legs." —Draft Network

"consistently places the ball where he intends it to go and enables his targets to have opportunities to stay up and work after the catch. He isn’t without misfires but Howell is an accurate thrower of the football." —Draft Network

These pros sound amazing, right? They really do. But then they double talk it would seem. Draft Network Cons:

" I believe Howell has a chance to be a productive starting quarterback in the NFL, although I have little conviction that he actually profiles as a difference-maker at the position. Outside of the schematic adjustment ahead for Howell, my concerns for him when projecting him to the next level stem from instances where he can unravel on tape, his average pocket manipulation skills, and an overall modest package of physical traits. A commitment to Howell as a franchise quarterback must come with an understanding that a strong remainder of the team with a trusted veteran in the room is likely to be required for success." —Draft Network. (Joe Marino)

YIKES!!!! But it’s kind of like he double takes a bit just like PFN. They say all these good things, then take them back! Confusing no?

I will give credit here. We’ve brought in a very seasoned vet to help him. Basically, productive comparison to me here would be Kirk Cousins, but opposite. He has the average skill set of Kirk (based off this and others), but Howell is more competitive and plays with too much confidence, whereas we all know Kirk played it safe and made his money in the shells (lol, I’m sorry he did). Unravel on tape, average pocket manipulation skills, this may be why he ran so much. Maybe his OL was trash (maybe ours is too, time will tell), he had an almost fresh group his last year. I have to wonder if these guys looked at if his inaccuracy was due to heavy pressure and adversity. We’ve seen what pas rushes can do to the greats like Payton, Tom, Pat (Bucs), if the OL breaks down, things tend to go badly. Of course everyone wants a Pat Mahomes. Of course!!! Who doesn’t? Don’t lie! The guy is the best QB rn. He can throw from different angles, he can run, the man does it all! Eric knows what that is, it’s easy to call plays for that. You say, what do you think Pat? Because that guy is a coach! So is Sam a difference maker, in that regard no! But, is he an upgrade. I think one two, regardless who wins the battle, we upgraded both spots here. I think if the OL is bad, I like quick release, gets ball out quick, because that is what has to happen, or he’s gonna die. Sam may not be a top ten QB in his finest hour, but when have we had a top ten QB? Please spare me the Kirk pads. Dude should’ve tried to win the game before. The fact that he got all those yards in a shell shows how bad they were beating us. He was not a top ten. He had actually improved now. And he had WRs here too, he just was not developed. Maybe we should’ve kept him. Idk. But that’s my opinion. Sam is like Kirk. He’s going to throw dumb passes, fumble, but he’s going to turn out to be solid. Is he solid enough to be a starter? Depends where he is. But his floor to me is back up. And honestly, fifth round is still value for a back up QB. Don’t expect a crazy year, expect a possible rough one, where he may unravel in games, my get inaccurate. But the one thing that none of the scouts took back, his competitiveness! If you have your heart in something, you may be able to defy logic. The love of the game has made a guy who looked like a skinny OL, who just wasn’t heard much of, into one of the most successful QB of all time? Or just recent memory? Sam should be an upgrade imo. I hope he’s the answer, but he may just be a smaller piece. NFL is a game of opportunity, if they call you, shoot your shot the best way you can. Sam has the floor, Briskett is going to fight him. May the best man win!