Margin of error is slim for the approaching season

Ron had to wince when he got a look at the schedule. Mobile QBs, mobile QB, and a lot of good DLs. Ron has said he is confident in Sammy. He might be. I’m not for certain but this I am, he better than Taylor. If our defense can be elite, we’ve got a chance if the offense doesn’t choke.

We have three weapons and a QB with not a great arm. Matt Miller is like Nostradamus eh? ESPN is lucky to get him for such a cheap salary! Btw, Colts a stud man. I was comparing Sammy to college Colt who is a stud. But he’s also a limited stud. I thought I was listening to a trump speech with all the double sided talk. Don’t get me wrong they all do it, but Trumps got it down to an art. So we have one guy who has a bad leg, but, he’s pretty good tbh. We have Wylie who is a lot better G, maybe even good, but he’s our RT. We don’t know who is at G really. The OL is like the heart of the O. And this year could be our weakest position group on offense. LB on defense imo.

Chase/Sweat last year of their respective deals. How much do we invest in the DL? I think if Forbes and Martin are good it’s going to help in a big way. The one real sure thing barring any injury is Payne/Allen. They are locked in. Juste/Fuller/Curl/Forrest/Jamin/ and more are coming up on defense. Sad.

I think we have a difficult schedule, I think EB has his work cut out for him. We have to get in a flow early and often. Last year I said we had to split the first four games, we went 1-3. If we do that again this year, it’s going to be Caleb chants.