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2023 Washington Commanders Mock Draft Contest: We have a winner, and an update!

This was a close one!

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: NOV 24 Mississippi State at Ole Miss Photo by Chris McDill/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

UPDATE: The fine folks at BreakingT have decided to add another t-shirt prize to the mix due to how close this year’s contest was. Congratulations to our second winner IronMike66!

Our annual contest to test your ability to predict the players and positions that Washington will pick this year was an interesting one. Four of the seven players selected by the Commanders this year were included in contest entries. This year’s contestants were much better at predicting who Washington was picking, with 21 entrants picking at least one player they drafted. Six entries picked two players drafted by Washington, but only two of them had them in the correct round. This was the closest the results have ever been, and we almost had to go to the tiebreaker!

This year’s prize was once again provided by BreakingT, and the winner will receive their choice of t-shirt. Our winner can choose from the great selection in the DC collection, or wait to claim a new shirt from one of this year’s draft picks!

Washington Commanders BreakingT Collection


1 point: Guess the correct position of any draft pick

6 points: Guess the correct position in the correct round

11 points: Guess the correct player

20 points: guess the correct player in the correct round

As I said up top, this was the closest contest in the 9 years I’ve been doing this contest, and it would have gone to the tie breaker if not for a technicality. IronMike66 had three offensive linemen in his entry, but Washington only drafted two. That one point difference gave the win to newcomer Panamon28! That entry had Emmanuel Forbes in the 1st round along with KJ Henry in the 5th round.

The tiebreaker has always been the amount of trades that occur during the NFL draft, and this has historically been guessed lower than the actual amount. The 2023 draft broke the record this year for trades with 43, and Panamon28 was ahead of the curve by going with 42! Congratulations on the win, and thanks to all of the entrants and our sponsor BreakingT!



Round 1 (#16): Emmanuel Forbes, CB Miss State - 20

Round 2 (#47): Steve Avila, IOL. TCU - 1

Round 3 (#97): Christopher Smith, S. Georgia - 1

Round 4 (#118): Dorian Williams, LB. Tulane - 0

Round 5 (#150): K.J. Henry, Edge. Clemson - 20

Round 6 (#193): Derius Davis, WR. TCU - 0

Round 6 (#215): Dorian Thompson-Robinson, QB. UCLA - 0

Round 7 (#233): Evan Hull, RB. Northwestern - 1

Tiebreaker: 42

Score - 43

Runner up


Round 1(#16): Darnell Wright T - 1

Round 2(#47): Jartavius Martin CB - 20

Round 3(#97): Ricky Stromberg C - 20

Round 4(#118): Brenton Strange TE - 0

Round 5(#150): Nick Saldiveri OL - 0

Round 6(#193): Darius Rush CB - 1

Round 6(#215): Nick Herbig LB - 0

Round 7(#233): Stetson Bennett QB - 0

Tiebreaker: 27

Score - 42