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The Washington Commanders Select Braeden Daniels, G/T, Utah in the Fourth Round of 2023 NFL Draft

Washington welcomes the newest member of the family, Braeden Daniels, after making him the 118th overall pick in the 2023 NFL Draft.

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: JAN 02 Rose Bowl Game Photo by Ric Tapia/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Draft day 3 is finally here and Washington has made their pick, taking Utah guard/tackle Braeden Daniels(6’4”, 294 lbs) in the 4th round. Daniels is the second offensive linemen the Commanders have taken in a row. In round 3 yesterday they added Arkansas center Ricky Stromberg. Daniels is listed as a guard, but Washington announced him as a tackle. Profile:


Active, athletic offensive lineman offering room for development at guard or tackle. Daniels is an impactful down blocker with the quickness to handle zone-blocking duties. Firing out and sustaining drive blocks, however, will require much better patience and footwork to keep from whiffing or falling off blocks. Small hands prevent him from latching in as a run blocker or in pass protection, but flurrying hands and a tenacious mirror help him stay in front of rushers. Position versatility and correctable issues could raise Daniels’ draft profile as a middle-rounder with upside.


Crashes into down block with momentum and leverage.

Plays with decent bend and athleticism.

Lateral quickness to play a gap over as move blocker.

Potential to become an effective work-up blocker.

Instinctive and intelligent in protection.

Tenacious to mirror and jab throughout the rep.

Recovers quickly when he gets beat.

Squeezes B-gap with effective pass-and-receive twist defense.


Might need to prove he can hold more mass.

Struggles blocking post-snap movement up front.

Lacks proper footwork and balance into the block.

Can get too far over his toes as run blocker.

Small hands slip and slide off the target.

Lacks hand size to punch and clinch rusher tight to him.

Oversets, opening inside post to the rush.

Washington Commanders 2023 Draft Picks

1st Round: #16 - Emmanuel Forbes, CB, Mississippi State

2nd Round: #47 - Jartavius Martin, DB, Illinois

3rd Round: #97 (compensatory pick) - Ricky Stromberg, C, Arkansas

4th Round: #118 - Braeden Daniels, G/T, Utah

5th Round: #150

6th Round: #193

#215 (compensatory pick)

7th Round: #233