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The Washington Commanders introduce new CB Emmanuel Forbes to the media

Emmanuel Forbes has entered the building!

Emmanuel Forbes was drafted by the Washington Commanders last night with the 16th pick in the draft. This is the first CB Ron Rivera has drafted in the 1st round during his head coaching career, and the first CB Washington has drafted in the 1st round since Carlos Rogers in 2005. Forbes arrived in Ashburn, Virginia today, and the Washington Commanders introduced him to the media.

Welcome to Washington!

Ron Rivera intro

Emmanuel Forbes

Surreal experience:

Messages from friends/family:

“Oh, they was excited. They are just ready to see the journey, honestly. They know what type of person I am and how hard of worker I am. They know I’m going to do good wherever.”

Jersey number:

“In high school I was actually No. 14, but when I was coming in as a true freshman, an older guy already had 14, so they gave me 13 and it just stuck with me. Lucky 13.”

What point in his career he thought he could be a first round pick:

“I would say after my freshman season. Did really well in the SEC with an all SEC schedule and after that I was just like, yeah, I can do this for a long time at the highest level.”

Improvements to his game over the last few years:

“Honestly, just getting mentally stronger, honestly, that’s all it is. I try to play the game above the neck and that’s helped me out a long way. That’s how I’m here right now.”

Interceptions/Pick 6’s:

Favorite pick six:

“Honestly, no but I would probably say the record breaking one. Of course, it was pretty enjoyable. They put me on a jumbotron and let me know I broke the record, so that was pretty enjoyable.”

How important the pick six record became to him over the years:

“I just take pride and take away the ball and I’m gonna try to go score with it. It’s just something I pride my game around and I feel like I can do it as a DB in college, so it was okay.”

Adapting and learning from his mistakes on the field:

“In games it is just by learning, you know teams are gonna do things, try to beat me on things and I don’t play for double moves. It’ll happen. I just have to go back to my technique and my training.”

Settling into the cornerback position:

“I was a receiver but I also played a little bit of safety in high school, and I just wanted to play corner in college, so that’s what happened.”

What excites him about being a member of the Washington Commanders:

“They’ve got a lot of smart older vets. The program is going up, so I know they play hard, play fast and they’re coached well, so that’s something that’s good.”

Going up against great receivers in the SEC and if any of them stand out:

“I wouldn’t say a matchup stands out, but you know as you see, you’re going against the best receivers week in and week out, no matter who you playing and that just how is it gonna be in the NFL. You’re going against the best of the best and you gotta come prepared, honestly.”

Jack Del Rio

Brent Vieselmeyer