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Draft Profile: Georgia Bulldogs LT Broderick Jones

NFL Scouting Report for Georgia Bulldogs LT Broderick Jones

2023 CFP National Championship - TCU v Georgia Photo by Steph Chambers/Getty Images

Number: 59

Position: LT

Background: 19 career starts for the Georgia Bulldogs, with 15 coming in 2022. Jones was a coach's selection for the freshman All-SEC team in 2021 and was an AP First-Team All-SEC selection. Jones has no known injury history during his playing time with the Bulldogs.


Broderick Jones' biggest strength comes from his pass protection. Jones shows good initial quickness and footwork in his angle and vertical pass sets against various speed/power rushers, effectively cutting off their rush path to the quarterback. Jones shows good use of hands and independent hand usage when engaged to latch onto defenders or te-leverage through hand replacement to stalemate rushers.

Additionally, Jones has good grip strength to sustain blocks good enough for any NFL pass scheme. When things aren't perfect for Jones, he can recover using his lateral agility/foot quickness, change of direction, and arm length. These traits come into play when he oversets against a rusher or loses against the rusher's initial move. Jones shows a solid mirroring ability when engaged and can effectively handle line games on the defensive front.

Jones is most effective on the perimeter as a run blocker when pulling or generally moving beyond the first level. Jones has good initial quickness coming out of his stance but also shows good foot speed to reach the perimeter and climb to the 2nd level in the screen game.


One of Jones' most significant areas of improvement is his punch timing. Jones is also a wrapper with his strikes, which sometimes leaves his hands in a position to strike too slow, exposing his chest for defenders to take advantage of. This could expose him to effective long-arm rushers and create balance issues in pass protection.

Jones' other areas of improvement include his overall functional strength. He will need to sustain blocks longer vs. power/speed-to-power rushers and improve his strength on contact in the run game.

Jones' athleticism and frame will allow him to be scheme-versatile, and he should be able to be an effective lineman in a gap or zone scheme offense. However, he must develop his block angles and position in the run game. Jones is typically a waist bender which allows defenders to shed and penetrate in the run game, again creating balance issues at the point of attack.