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Daily Slop: Washington Commanders News Link Roundup

A daily collection of Commanders articles from around the web

NFL: Washington Commanders Training Camp Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports
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Ranking the five best draft picks of Ron Rivera’s tenure with the Commanders

Brian Baldinger doesn’t believe the Commanders did enough at quarterback

“It’s just the fact that they’re so entrenched, seemingly, with Sam Howell,” he said.

“Now, they drafted him; they saw him in practice every day in the meetings. They saw him start a game. But you know, you’re going into the division with the highest-priced quarterback in football right now and a guy that took the team to the Super Bowl in Jalen Hurts. We kinda know what Dak is in Dallas and what Dallas thinks about Dak. And the Giants basically just have Daniel Jones a new contract. So, you’re competing in the division against those guys, and Daniel Jones won a playoff game last year. It’s just kind of a head-scratcher that they’re so in love with Sam Howell, knowing what it takes to win in this league, especially in this division right now.”

How much will Eric Bieniemy’s presence change the Commanders’ draft plans in 2023?

DC businessman, philanthropist Mark Ein is one of Josh Harris’ limited partners in bid for Commanders

Ein and Harris are childhood friends growing up together in Maryland. They also attended the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania together.

Nobody Wanted To Show The NFL Draft. Now It Owns TV

When ESPN asked the NFL for permission to televise the NFL Draft in 1979, even the league asked: Why? Today’s Draft has morphed into a 3-day TV spectacle + NFL’s monster off-season event

Dan Snyder selling will be a relief, but it doesn't feel like justice - The Washington Post
Daniel Snyder’s golden parachute — and the billions he would pocket in a sale of the Commanders — feels like an affront to the franchise he wrecked.

Attorneys ask Roger Goodell, owners to bar Daniel Snyder from suing accusers - The Washington Post
Attorneys who represent more than 40 team employees, made the request in a letter to Goodell, asking him to make that a provision of the Commanders sale.

NFL finds no major issues with Josh Harris’s terms; other hurdles remain - The Washington Post
Questions pertaining to legal indemnification for Daniel Snyder and the league and the results of Mary Jo White's investigation of the Commanders must be resolved.

NFL QB prospects often get compared to active players. It's a risky business. - The Washington Post
Player comparisons are an embedded part of scouting reports in the NFL, but they can be misleading, especially when it comes to quarterbacks.

Shaka Toney Suspended Indefinitely by the NFL; Will Washington Take an Edge Rusher Now?