Don't Reach for a Position of Need

For months at this point, fans and analysts alike have claimed that the cornerback position is of the most need on the Commanders roster. Accordingly, in nearly ever mock, we take the best corner on the board at 16. I should preface that if a guy like Christian Gonzales or Devin WItherspoon falls to us, it has to be the pick. We cannot pass up that kind of value at a position of need. Joey Porter Jr. is also a guy I could consider drafting, although I have concerns about how he fits into Jack Del Rio's scheme. Porter to me seems like a less refined Sauce Gardner coming out of the draft, with more struggles in zone. But there is a very real possibility that none of these three fall to 16. Personally, I am not comfortable with Kelee Ringo or Deonte Banks at 16. This is a very deep corner class, and given this administration's knack for developing mid to late round talent, I think trading to down to acquire more mid-round picks, and taking an OT or TE with our now later first, is the appropriate method in this scenario. OT Anton Harrison is one of my favorite in the class, and would be great value in the 20s. CB Clark Phillips III is falling in mocks to the second round, which would be excellent pick should he fall to us. While undersized, Phillips is an excellent ballplayer, and a secondary with Fuller and St. Juste on the outside, and Phillips in the slot has the potential to be the final piece to unlocking the defense's potential. Tight end also needs to be considered, though the team has not cut Logan Thomas yet, which may be a sign that they believe he can still produce under a new system. Darnell Washington is an athletic freak, with sky-high potential to be one of the league's best at his position, and he is not the best tight end in the draft. This class is stacked with talent at the position, and I'd be happy if we could land any of the top 4 or 5. I believe the team will draft a running back, and while I don't really think it's worth spending anything more than a fifth on, it would only add more weapons for the system to utilize. My main point is, although a claim that we need corner more than anything else is valid, it's not by a huge majority, and the fanbase shouldn't be disappointed with a trade down, or selection of a different position.