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Making a case for Devon Witherspoon at 16 over Joey Porter Jr. and Deonte Banks

Could Illinois’s Devon Witherspoon be the next CB1 for the Washington Commanders? The Draft Network’s Senior Analyst Keith Sanchez believes so and makes a case for Witherspoon over Joey Porter Jr. and Deonte Banks.

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: OCT 15 Minnesota at Illinois Photo by Michael Allio/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

When it comes to the cornerback discussion for the Washington Commanders, there have been several names mentioned by analysts and fans that Washington should select with their first pick. Oregon’s Christian Gonzalez has been the least said, as he is presumably the first cornerback off of the board. However, Illinois’s Devon Witherspoon, Maryland’s Deonte Banks, and Penn State’s Joey Porter Jr. have been the most mentioned and linked to Washington.

What if Washington had an opportunity to grab any of the three when they were on the clock? Who should Washington select over the other two?

Keith Sanchez, Senior Draft Analyst for The Draft Network, believes Witherspoon should be the selection.

Devon Witherspoon vs. Joey Porter Jr.

“I think Devon Witherspoon is a little more versatile in what he offers than Joey Porter Jr. I think Porter Jr. is strictly an outside corner because he’s a taller, longer guy. Witherspoon is a guy that can possibly play slot because he’s 5’11”. Those taller-longer guys you usually don’t want them to be able to travel and play in the slot because they’re usually higher-hip’d; they don’t have the quick transitions and reactionary athleticism to hang with those smaller guys in the slot. So I thought about, as far as the Washington Commanders having matchup defensive backs. Defensive backs that can travel anywhere with any wide receiver. I think Witherspoon will grade out higher than Porter Jr. would.”

Devon Witherspoon vs. Deonte Banks

“I like Deonte Banks a lot; he reminds me a lot of last year’s Kaiir Elam that the Buffalo Bills took in the first round. But, I thought that Witherspoon was [overall] a notch ahead of Banks, so that is why I took Witherspoon over him.”

Who would you take out of these three?

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