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Dan Snyder is going to sell the Washington Commanders and we've got some t-shirts to celebrate!

Bye Dan

Dan Snyder has reportedly reached an agreement with billionaires Josh Harris and Mitchell Rales, along with NBA legend Magic Johnson, to sell the team for a record $6.05 billion. This is one of the biggest days in recent Washington football history, and I personally requested that BreakingT make a Sold the Team shirt to help fans celebrate. They've had Sell the Team shirts available for years and it's finally happening!

BreakingT also came up with two more shirts for long-suffering Washington fans who are finally seeing the light at the other end of the tunnel. What's it like to be a fan of a normal NFL franchise?

Sold the Team | BreakingT

DC is a football town again | BreakingT

I survived the Dan Snyder era | BreakingT

I Survived the Dan Snyder Era Mug | BreakingT

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