Free Agency; is it getting too expensive these days?

Every off season collective fans slot who they’d like their team to sign and forget that each team has a hard cap. Since it’s not their money or budget, they figure in how to restructure etc to create cap and all. The problem is if you spend big on a guy and he’s a dud, you’re stuck in a high cap hit. I’m thinking smart teams will look for guys who can provide depth while building thru the draft. NE Pats spent big on FAs and still didn’t see much results. My approach would depend on my losses in FA. If I don’t stand to lose a bunch of comp picks, I’d go into FA just like a draft, value. I’d look for guys who will sign and offer value. I won’t reset markets get in bidding wars. I refuse. I just think until it’s the final piece I am not trading up nor am I getting into a bidding war. This is how you get too close to the fire and burned. I think a team should build and resign their own to big contracts because you know what you have. And if he isn’t in long term he needs to be shopped for over The comp pick return. I’d be interested to see Matt use his algorithmic machines to see if spending big in FA really helps your chances of winning. I say Matt because he is the scientist and this is hypothetical.