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Roger Goodell says it's impossible that Jerry Jones knows what's in the Mary Jo White report on Dan Snyder

Commish fight!

NFL: International Series-Dallas Cowboys at Jacksonville Jaguars Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL owners meetings in Phoenix wrapped up yesterday with a privileged session followed by owners talking to the media and concluded with a Roger Goodell presser. Tanya Snyder attended the privileged session, but reportedly didn’t speak during the meeting.

The ongoing sale of the Washington Commanders and the NFL's investigation into owner Dan Snyder (sexual harassment) and the team(financial improprieties) were discussed, but no actions were taken. The league and owners are letting the sale play out, and hoping for a quick resolution. Mary Jo White's investigation is over a year old and is reportedly close to being finished.

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is one of the most powerful owners in the league, and was Dan Snyder's closest ally. That friendship has been tested by reports of Snyder having dirt on other owners, and the league's desire to replace Snyder, and revive a depressed market. Jones shocked some reporters when he was asked if he supported releasing the Mary Jo White report when the investigation is concluded. Jones said he knows everything that's in the report, despite all reports saying it is still ongoing.

Roger Goodell was asked about Jones' assertion that he has access to a report that's not completed, and he said that would be impossible for those reasons. White hasn't finished, and only her and her colleagues know what their investigation has discovered.

Goodell reaffirmed the NFL's plan to release the Mary Jo White report.

Goodell was also asked about reports that Dan Snyder is declining to be interviewed by Mary Jo White, and that she would be making a final attempt to talk to him before the investigation concludes. He said that would be up to her, but it was pointed out by Daniel Wallace that the NFL Constitution states:

“Failure to cooperate in an investigation shall be considered conduct detrimental to the League and will subject the offending club and responsible individual(s) to appropriate discipline”

And then there's this little bit of information from Falcons owner Arthur Blank:

Falcons owner Arthur Blank told a small group of reporters he believed Snyder had moved to London, and reports had he and his wife Tanya change their legal residence earlier this year. His son, Gerry, no longer appears on the Appalachian State football roster, and a school spokesperson confirmed he is not enrolled at the university this semester. Snyder has one D.C.-area estate for sale on the market and has cleared out ownership offices.

“The league is doing whatever it can to help support the Snyders in this transaction and transition,” Blank said. “I saw Tanya this morning and wished her well, Dan as well. I think their family has moved to London, I believe. We’ll see what will happen. He’s a young man, his children are young, his wife’s young and they have a whole life ahead of them. I certainly wish them well.”