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Robert Griffin III says he's talking to the Josh Harris group about joining their bid to buy the Washington Commanders

RGIII back to DC?

The Washington Redskins play the Dallas Cowboys Photo by John McDonnell / The Washington Post via Getty Images

Former Washington Redskins QB Robert Griffin III knows how to stay in the headlines, and Dan Snyder selling the team is a hot topic in the NFL. Two bids that reportedly met Dan Snyder's $6 billion minimum asking price have been submitted.

RGIII claims that he has been in contact with one of them, the Josh Harris/Mitchell Rales/Magic Johnson group that has been considered the leader in the clubhouse of the three known bidders. Griffin was on Rich Eisen and offered up this info, and how excited he was for the possibility to return to Washington.

I've been having some really great conversations with this group led by Josh Harris and having an opportunity to come in on that ownership group. I’m head over heels excited by that process. To be a player for that team, to not have my career go the way that I wanted it to, or the fans wanted it to in that city would be a full circle type of moment to come back and try to help that team and that organization build the winner that the fans deserve.

That's something I'm really excited about. It's nothing I can announce at this point. The conversations are happening and I'm really excited about the potential there. At the end of the day the fans will throw a parade when Dan Snyder sells the team.

Eisen talked about fans asking him if the sale is actually happening after RGIII's parade comment.

Honestly with all of the cloud that's been around the organization for such a long time. I did not know that Rich when I first got drafted there. When I got drafted to DC and they flew me to Dulles Airport in Virginia, I'm asking them "Why are we in Virginia?" I'm just a Texas boy, I didn't know that the Washington Commanders were based in Virginia, and played in Maryland. I thought we were in Washington D.C. like the Wizards!

So I had to learn a lot as I was there in my early years, and since I left in 2015 it's just been one thing after another. I think the team is ready to move one, I think the fans are ready to move on, and it's going to be a sad day in the Snyder household because he's lived his entire life to be the owner of the Commanders and now that's going to be taken away from him.

I know the fans will rejoice and I think that because of the dark cloud, it is time to move on. The relationship has run it's course, probably a long time ago, definitely a long time ago. I think everybody needs to be excited about what's to come for the Commanders because it's only going to go up.

This is not the first time RGIII has thrown his name in the Washington Commanders ownership ring. When the sale news first came out he was talking about getting investors and fans involved in purchasing the team. That idea quickly died, along with his attempts to get re-signed by the team after QB injuries, and the book that he was going to write about his career and his time with the Redskins.