Don’t Believe the Hype

The team will be sold soon. Who knows who will buy it and how he will conduct himself. I urge caution. First, stadium has to be renovated, facilities upgraded, and a whole lot of issues have to shown. Danny shouldn’t get his market because this is a skeptical and angry fan base, that will turn on the next owner if he doesn’t perform. So this is a precarious situation.

Right now everyone is high off the fact Danny has to step down. We have seen this written across the hands of time, not every time when a horrible leader step down, does a better leader replace them. This franchise is on its last legs, it’s going to take a special miracle to fix this one. We haven’t substantially improved either. What? We signed Barton. We’re saved yay! How about that stud shut down Dantzler? Man Minny kept that gem hidden because I’ve never heard of him. Gates, well we saw how Alex leg looked, let’s hope Gates doesn’t have to actually run. Wylie, how many sacks last year again? So he had one good game in the SB and we pay him top RT range???? Jacoby, the guy who is likely going to put Howell over his knee and dash my hopes that someone we caught a break.

So let’s just sip the water, and watch this unfold. It could be good, lots of unknowns, a seemingly transition to what resembles a good team culture. Remember Bruce, our culture is damn good. How many Coors did you have that day Bruce? Anyway, this is going to be an ok year (mostly the norm), or a dumpster fire. Very, very, unlikely we hit double digit wins this year. At least with Ron, every year, we’ve been close. It’s just as good as Ron is he sucks too. It’s very confusing being a fan of this team. We should all collectively sue Danny for our PTSD. I’m joking of course….just don’t sip the kool-aide…..yet.