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Washington Commanders Sale News: Canadian billionaire Steve Apostolopoulos takes the tour; joins the bidding

Another billionaire has entered the building

Update: One more group of bidders remains unnamed

The Washington Commanders have another billionaire interested in purchasing the team from owners Dan and Tonya Snyder. Adam Schefter is reporting that Canadian billionaire Steve Apostolopoulos has toured FedEx Field and the team’s training facilities in Ashburn, VA. Two other bidders are known(Josh Harris/Mitchell Rales, Tillman Fertitta) and Amazon founder has been rumored to be interested in placing a bid if the Snyders allow it.

Steve Apostolopoulos is the Managing Partner of Triple Group of Companies (TGC), a Toronto-based full service real estate firm specializing in the purchase, leasing, development and management of commercial space. He is also the Co-Founder and Chief Development Officer of Triple Properties, a privately-owned enterprise engaged in real estate investment, development, asset management and leasing.

Mr. Steve Apostolopoulos is the founder of Six Ventures Inc., a private equity venture fund. An entrepreneur by nature, Mr. Apostolopoulos contributes to a wide variety of philanthropic organizations with his family.

Apostolopoulos also recently had discussions to buy the NBA’s Charlotte Hornets from Michael Jordan but has focused on the opportunity to purchase the Commanders, according to sources.

There has been recent smoke about a sale being “imminent” and several false reports that Josh Harris had purchased the team. NFL owners will be gathering in Phoenix, Arizona for their annual spring meeting, and there was hope that the sale could be finalized by then so the other 31 owners could vote to approve the sale. There is also the looming threat to vote Dan Snyder out, but that has always been viewed as the last resort if a sale didn’t materialize.

Snyder and the Washington Commanders have several active investigations related to their toxic workplace, alleged sexual harassment, financial improprieties, and more. The NFL has been conducting it’s 2nd investigation, this one led by Mary Jo White, into new allegations made during the House Oversight Committee’s investigation into the team. Snyder and the team have denied the allegations, but they have already settled a lawsuit over unreturned season ticket deposits in Maryland. A federal criminal investigation over financial accusations is also happening with at least one subpoena being issued for the case.