Gutted by ownership revelations this week

Until this week, I felt Dan Snyder cared for the team but just was an incompetent owner.

Now I feel as if he used the team to benefit his family in ways that hurt the team. Specifically, Dan Snyder siphoned (without knowledge of his minority partners no less) team funds (and also pursued a loan illegally) to support his family's lavish lifestyle, fancy toys and properties, in lieu of having enough cash on hand at times to guarantee player contracts (which limited what the team could do) and to duly reinvest in team's training facilities and its stadium (both neglected).

While clearly bad business by Snyder, some of these actions by people acting on Snyder's behalf -- in Washington Football finance, the NFL, BoA and / or tax advisors -- have broken agreements and potentially laws. Snyder must realize what he did is troublesome which is why he fled to Europe.

Now the Washington football team is in need of major investment in team facilities for players, cash flow to handle player contracts and yet the sales process drags on with even more questions about the financial health of the franchise. I've never felt so betrayed by the owner of one of the sports teams I supported, and it's so frustrating.

Sports should be fun, a diversion, but it's so hard not to feel down about what Snyder has done to the team. He can't sell the team soon enough.

Since reports hint Dan Snyder looted corporate assets for personal benefit, they need a clawback provision and settlement fund set up as part of sale whereby money taken by Snyder is returned and used by next owner for the training facility and stadium being sold as-is. Snyder's indiscretions are separate and apart from the business of running a professional football franchise.