It’s all a numbers game

The NFL has changed! No longer are RBs the work horse beasts who carry the team til the wheels fall off and they end up broke and homeless while selling their Super Bowl ring (a little dark right?). No longer is the standard pocket passer who throws the ball only when he has to, because when you throw the ball three things can happen, two of them aren’t good….no longer are outside WR taller and no longer are slots short, TE don’t block, what’s that? Who does that? Kelce do you block? If a guy is catching passes moving chains, and the offense scores, who cares right? Still the game has changed and now guys are smelling themselves.

Average QBs are getting 40 (holy shit!!!!) million a year. Danny got close. The man threw 15 TDs. Those are some expensive ass TDs, but hey it’s NY, right? Everything’s more expensive in NY. Lol. The FA tampering period has started and it appears we have begun to balance average signings to scraping the barrel for lucky stars. We have depth issues across the board from OL, TE, RB (possibly), QB!!!!, DB, LB, I mean let’s just put the whole damned team up there. Hey GM, Ronny is it? Sounds familiar idk why? Aren’t you the coach, the president and also a client! Ok, too many hats for one guy. Is that why he hired three failed GMs? Ok we know what not to do, hey it is possible it could work, but this is year four buddy. That’s a lot of red and yellow on position evals for year four. To be fair, this is the time some guys he has in house should be kind of coming into their own. It’s quite the enigma. With a rookie QB first and foremost, you what to shore up the OL with contingent plans. It appears they’ve addressed contingencies and maybe a starter. We still have work here.

The other issues are across the board as well. Both of our edges are on their final year. Curl is coming into his, Fuller. Do we have there in house guys. Most likely maybe Forest, and Butler as FS. What about DB, Juste either has a concussion or a stubbed toe. And we have Danny. The Taylor Heinike of the secondary. No. We also have the STs ace, Reeves. I like Reeves but can he play actual football? So I’d say secondary is a huge problem as well. We did sign some depth here to compete with the rest of the unknowns. Hitting on just one of those guys solves a lot.

Ive already addressed the EDGE situation. We have our top two guys coming into a contract year at the same time. Chase is virtually an unknown at this point, while Sweat will likely command record setting money, he get it too. The interior is fine. We shouldn’t do a thing there.

LB, I mean are we running the three S look? Well ok, we still need two viable starters and two viable depth pieces. Is Cole too expensive? There’s some value to be had here. It’s also a need. We did sign a depth guy. We also resigned Hudson. If we resign Cole and we run three Ss, LB is good maybe. But if not a starter is needed. The infamous Milo is in the mix here too.

TE, all indications are Logan has been wearing his knee pads and saved his job. If he is in fact in some sort of form, he’s solid. We have the QB convert, Bates (blocker), and a collection of unknowns and unlikelies as well. But at least there’s bodies here. This draft is deep in TEs. Adding a solid FA or drafting a later developmental guy (because TEs suck coming out of college) will make this one flush.

WR, well we have Samuel, Dotson, Terry, and…well there’s Sims (pass dropper), Brown (where’s Waldo), annnnd, well I’m sure there’s a few guys. We need a possession guy. We have all deep threats and play makers. Cams not it. Brown may see a jump. His bro bro is here.

QB, whelp, it Sammy, Howell, and yeah that’s it so far. I’d be looking at drafting a QB here. Sign a decent prospect failure to slug it out with the guy. Baker? It’d be like face off. Lol. No we can’t afford Baker. 4-5 million I’ve heard is budget. Case just went for cheap. Damn. We need a journey man gate keeper and Howell has to beat him. That just me. I’d keep taking a QB til you hit even if Sammy is a hit. (40 million)!!!!

RB, Gibs is on his last year as well. He likely won’t be pricey. If he isn’t, I’d resign this guy. He should flourish in EBs design. Robinson may suffer but he’s our horse. Listen I hear the guys bullet proof on good authority. We still have Kizz. Idk about that. We need a stud in the making here. RBs are cheap. Not a priority.

STs: Way is getting up there. Are we really keeping Sly? Who is our returner? We need a lot. This is year for Ronny!!!! D.

So going down thru the roster you can see we need a lot of things. I did this excercise below but I want to try a more realistic one with draft chart value matching, unless there is a QB somebody wants there. I feel like we need a major youth movement because we need one OL, one ED, one DB, one LB to hit. Anything else is bonus. I double dip. Numbers game. 2 picks to hit is better than one. Nothing is sure. Not even FA. This draft is going to require me to check the charts before my trade. I may go PFN because their trades are harder than PFF. You get five chances on PFF and they accept huge losses on picks. Most team won’t do that. I have a firm belief that you have to keep picks, and keep as many of your home growns as possible. I think FA is cheap value siding much like draft. I hate first round picks unles it’s a stud. And even then, who says? It’s all unknowns from FA to drafting. It’s lotto numbers, a game of numbers, and the final boss in all this is the cap.