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NCAA Football: Kent State at Oklahoma

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Draft Profile: Oklahoma Sooners OT Anton Harrison

NFL Scouting Report for Oklahoma Sooners OT Anton Harrison

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Number: 71

Position: OT

Background: Four-star recruit out of Washington, D.C. Harrison played in 34 out of 36 games for the Sooners, including 24 combined starts from 2021-2022. Harrison presents versatility at tackle, playing on both the right and left side for the Sooners. He has no known injury history.


Harrison has good initial quickness getting into his pass sets. Displays solid UOH in hand replacement and shows some ability to stay clean from long arms. Against speed rushers, he displays good hip mobility and solid foot quickness in his pass sets that allows him to recover from counters or if he gives up a soft edge. He also displays good lateral agility allowing him to mirror defenders effectively. Against power rushers, he displays solid lateral quickness and footwork on angle sets. Has effective two-hand strikes due to good arm length. Effective independent hand usage vs. Power rushers that do not have solid or better initial quickness and explosiveness. Harrison displays good processing and vision vs. stunts, allowing him to get in position to take on crashers or loopers quickly.

Good hand placement on frontside reach blocks, using good initial quickness at the snap and solid understanding of angles to gain positioning. Harrison also displays good lateral agility to occupy defenders. On pull assignments, Harrison displays solid acceleration and foot speed. Displays good mental processing and vision locating predetermined 2nd-level defenders and when self-identifying 2nd-level defenders. Harrison uses good lateral agility and solid foot quickness to cut off defenders' pursuit path.


Adequate footwork when using Vertical sets vs. speed rushers. Can cross feet at times when trying to win half-man relationships. Harrison can display adequate pad level and use of hands vs. Speed-to-Power rushers. He allows defenders to get into his chest too often, exploiting his core strength and anchor ability. Harrison struggles to sustain blocks primarily against chops/rips due to marginal upper-body play strength.

On base blocks, he mostly plays with an adequate base, pad level, marginal hand placement, and grip strength when engaged. All issues create marginal block sustain, especially against defenders with consistently good leverage or better. On down blocks, displays adequate lower-body play strength and explosiveness to drive 3-technique defenders against their will consistently. Additionally, he has marginal leg drive in 1v1 situations due to his lower body play strength. Has issues with his pad level on double teams, along with positioning at the point of attack. While Harrison mostly does a good job on the second level, he must continue developing his hand placement to sustain blocks better on all three levels.


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