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Grade Ron Rivera After His First Three Seasons in Washington

NFL: Washington Commanders-Eric Bieniemy Introductory Press Conference Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

With the Eric Bieniemy hire fresh in the minds of most, what better time to look back on Ron Rivera’s first three years in DC and grade the overall impact he’s had on this organization.

I went back to Ron Rivera’s introductory press conference and really went through some of the key talking points he wanted to focus on when he was hired.

Change the culture...

I do feel Ron has done a good job bringing in players who believe in what this staff is trying to do, and who hold themselves and their teammates accountable both on and off the field. However, culture also encompasses winning - and to this point, Washington hasn’t been able to turn that around.

Coach-centered approach with a player-centered culture...

We most certainly have a coach-centered approach, and in my opinion, with Ron being the final say, I don’t think this is a good approach. However, he’s accomplished what he set out to do - be that a good or bad thing.

Embracing the history...

This one is not all on Ron, as the team was essentially forced to go through a name-change one year after he was hired. I do think he’s handled the re-brand well while still remembering our rich history and tradition.

All about winning...

Well, this one hasn’t quite worked out. Through three seasons Rivera is 22-27-1 and has yet to have a winning season. He did however win one NFC East title in 2020, although that was almost by default due to a horrible division.

Win back the fans...

I put this one last because, as they always say - winning cures all. It was always going to take some time to win back the fans, but winning on the field would certainly help that. Unfortunately, neither has happened. As a result, Washington ranked dead last in the league in attendance with an average of 58,106. Now, I do think this falls more on Dan Synder than anything, although not having a winning season surely doesn’t help matters.

After three seasons in Washington, what grades do you give Ron Rivera? Please discuss in the comments section.


What grade do you give Ron Rivera as a head coach?

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What grade do you give Ron Rivera in player personnel decisions?

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What is your overall impression of Ron Rivera after his first three years in Washington?

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