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COLLEGE FOOTBALL: NOV 12 South Carolina at Florida

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Draft Profile: Florida Gators IOL O’Cyrus Torrence

NFL Scouting Report for Florida IOL O’Cyrus Torrence

Photo by David Rosenblum/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

No. 54

Pos: OG

Background: Played three seasons at the University of Louisiana (2019-2021) and last season at the University of Florida, starting in 46 total collegiate games. Torrence missed one game with the Gators due to a strained MCL. He was first-team All-Sun Belt, All-SEC, AP All-SEC, and first-team All-America.


Torrence displays good Angle and Jump sets in pass protection. With good initial quickness at the snap, he consistently gets himself in a good position to handle both speed and power rushers. He has good and violent independent hand usage in pass pro and good placement, timing, and grip strength, allowing him to control the engagement. Torrence understands the games being played and displays the patience and aggression needed when shooting his hands to initiate or counter during hand fights. He has very good upper body play strength, and his mass overall created issues for 2nd-level blitzers because they cannot run through him to the quarterback.

Torrence has very good arm length, which allows him to recover if he is late on stunts or blitz pickups and get a hand on defenders to wash them around the arc. Against power rushers, he displays a good anchor and use of hands; he fights to re-leverage in these instances with his hands and can sink his hips and stalemate rushers. He is active in pass pro; his feet don't stop moving, displaying good mirroring ability when locked in with a rusher.

Torrence is a very good interior offensive lineman, and he really thrives in the run game. He plays with good leverage and very good physical toughness at the point of attack. Additionally, his grip strength and placement allow him to win the majority of his engagements in base blocks. Torrence's hand usage is efficient, and he displays good comfortability in his independent hand usage to lock and control defenders to prevent them from penetrating playside gaps. His lower body is just as good, as he possesses good explosiveness and lower body play strength with his legs to drive defenders off the ball. This also makes him a weapon in true double teams, too. Torrence is a good frontside combo blocker in Florida's zone scheme and plays with good vision when carrying out this block. His vision and natural football instincts allow him to locate 2nd-level defenders and initially position himself well to execute and sustain the blocks.


O'Cyrus Torrence sometimes has some issues with his hand placement in the Gators' zone run scheme, as he struggles to get in the proper position on reach blocks at the snap. He'll need to continue developing his understanding of landmarks and positioning. Torrence's foot speed and lateral agility might also be problematic on the 2nd level because while he takes good initial angles when locating defenders, he struggles to adjust to new angles that the defender may take to beat him.

In pass protection, Torrence showed some issues adjusting to speed-to-power rushers. Specifically, he struggles to re-leverage through his hands and hips, showing anchor issues against these rushers. Furthermore, he displays adequate processing on stunts/line games, and his lateral quickness/agility can cause recovery issues. He will need to improve in the screen game with his feel for space; he displays a marginal level of competitiveness in this aspect of his game with his willingness to find and locate 2nd/3rd level defenders.

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