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Ron Rivera at Super Bowl Week: Not picking up Chase Young’s 5th year option could be a motivator

Ron Rivera talks about Chase Young, Daron Payne, Eric Bieniemy, the OC search and more at Super Bowl Week in Arizona

Dallas Cowboys v Washington Commanders Photo by Jess Rapfogel/Getty Images

Washington Commanders Head Coach Ron Rivera has had a busy day at Super Bowl Week in Arizona. He was named this year’s recipient of the NFL Salute to Service Award this morning. Rivera was also interviewed on NFL Network, and confirmed that Sam Howell will likely enter next offseason as the QB1. He spoke to Washington beat reporters later in the day and said the team doesn’t plan on spending big capital on a QB like they did last year with the trade for Carson Wentz.

The NFL released the official numbers for the 5th year option for 2020 1st round draft picks. Ron Rivera was asked about Chase Young, who will get a guaranteed $17.452 million dollar deal for the 2024 season. He brought up Daron Payne, and the team not signing him to an extension last year. Rivera said not getting Payne under contract cost them in a good way because he had his best season as a pro, didn’t hold out, and did things the right way. Rivera wants to reward him for that, but Payne can enter free agency unless the team places a tag on him.

Rivera said not exercising Chase Young’s 5th year option could also act as a motivator. Washington has until May 1st to make that $17.5 million decision. Rivera said they need to discuss Young’s health and review his growth and development.

Washington fired Offensive Coordinator Scott Turner on the Tuesday after the Commanders final game, a win over the Dallas Cowboys home game that featured rookie QB Same Howell’s first NFL start, and win. Rivera has interviewed 6 candidates for the open job so far, with one of those coaches(Falcons QB Coach Charles London) taking a new position with another team. There have been multiple reports about Washington’s interest in Kansas City Chiefs OC Eric Bieniemy, and Rivera confirmed today that they are interested in him, and expect to be able to interview him for the position next week after Kansas City plays the Philadelphia Eagles in Arizona. Rivera also explained what he is looking for from his new OC.

Sam Howell:

Eric Bienemy/OC search:

Ownership question:

“The question has come up. ... I have two years left on my contract - are they going to give you that two years? You know, that’s what everybody has asked. And I said, look, all I know is I’ve been told it’s business as usual.

“I mean, I get updates. I talk to ownership to let them know where I am. They’ve been nothing but supportive. ‘Do what you need to do. Get these guys taken care of. Find the right guy. Oh, you want to take that long? Absolutely. If you feel that this gives you a chance to interview all the right people, please do it.’ I mean, they have been terrific, they really have. And they’ve been tremendously supportive because I’ve gone through this and I’ve slowed this process down.”

Chase Young: