No trade back mock challenge

If you’re like me in my beliefs that truly building your team comes thru the draft and making the right choices on where to spend and who to trade off for more draft picks, it’s almost impossible not to take the bait on mock drafts. So this is the no trade back mock draft challenge. No trades, just take your picks as they fall. I used PFN even though their BB is different. No one really knows who is looking at who and when, Walter Football had some interesting takes, check out their mocks. Drafting is no science, but to me it’s probably one of the more important times of year, if you can draft, you can make a team. FO and coaching is important of course.


16. Peter Skoronski, T. If he’s here at 16, I do a back flip! There has to be something bad if he last this long. Allen dropped and he turned out okay. PFN ranks him 22, many other boards rank him higher. I want to trade down, but if he’s here, I’m taking him! No need for the clock.

the rest:

47. John Schmitz, C, this guy is probably not lasting to 47. Even if trades were there if these two are my first two, I’m happy!

Jack Campbell, LB, he’s spotted at ILB. We kind of need one too. Will he be there at 97? According to PFN, which means nothing but a very solid start imo.

Ricky Stromberg, C/G he’s mostly played C, but has experience at G.

Garret Williams, DB, Cuse, keep adding young DBs til one sticks. Forbes was best I passed on for Schmitz. At least that I know of…

Brandon Kipper, G OST, this guy could be a sleeper. Add some youth to this OL and develop this diamond in the rough!

Cam Jones, LB, at 215? I’ll take it!

Josh Whyle, TE, Cincy another prospect that I think is better than advertised. May not be special but value imo at 235 in the draft.